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Week 5 WITH LYRICS By RecD: Friday Night Funkin’ THE MUSICAL Christmas Special

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Week 5 WITH LYRICS is finally here, including Cocoa, Eggnog and Winter Horrorland, and it’s a full-blown, TV-length FNF christmas special that’s been in the works since april and is FNF Musical’s Season Finale!

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Written, performed, directed, edited and scored (incidental music) by RecD
The Boyfriend, Hex, Daddy Dearest, Lemon Monster, Skid, Pump and Pico voiced by RecD
The Girlfriend and Carol Voiced By Moop:
Mommy Mearest voiced by MLoreley:
Santa voiced by Kermo Giovanna:
Radio Announcer voiced by BobcatXtreme:
Ingame songs Composed and Arranged by KawaiSprite:
Art direction and Character Design (Monsters, Demon GF, etc.) by crowbobot
Assistant character design (Skidney Bean) by Flower:
Video Artists:
Kermo Giovanna
Agent Water Buffalo:
Court Jester:
Lemon and Monsters Animated Scene and Thumbnail by MugiMikey:
Carol, BF and GF animated scene by Jakeneutron:
Monster Table animation/Psych Engine programming by Nate Anim8:
Special thanks to bbpanzu for Psych Programming help (We’ll get that extra sprite working one day):
Produced by Josh Denty:
Coproduced by Avantika Mishra:
Friday Night Funkin is (C) NinjaMuffin99, KawaiSprite, PhantomArcade and evilsk8r
Hex owned by YingYang48:
Carol and Hellchart Carol owned by bbpanzu
Original Week 5 background characters owned by their respective creators
Stan the Nightmare Cop owned by JohnnyUtah
Skid and Pump owned by SrPelo
Pico owned by Newgrounds
Guest Appearances:
Nate Anim8 & Beegie, EllisBros, JOnline, TaySamey, Zavemann, Kermo Giovanna, Fossil, crowbobot, Flower, Slushy_Anime, JordoPriceVA, TheInnuendo, Madman Halloween, Buddy, Jellybelly, Wee, MakoMelon, Foodieti

Thank you all for watching this through.
This video has been in development since April and I hope it met your expectations.

See you in 2022!


  1. have highschool mod and or plants vs zombies

  2. At this rate DD and MM just have to die in a hole. They hold Santa at gunpoint and probably hurt/kill/threaten for an ego trip, screwed over Whitty's career and life, and have seemingly trapped who knows how many souls in random places to keep GF single despite her being at grown ass adult. The only good they do is try (and fail a lot) to keep GF happy except when they are not in control of what's making her happy, and put an end to the Tank war for a bit because the Tankmen could just go to the munitions plants that most nations/groups in wars have access to and those "good" deeds were by coincidence. ALSO THEY KILLED GARCELLO

  3. Do Bendy in the machine make Bendy girlfriends cousin

  4. the only one ive seen so far that dosent have 1M +

  5. is this remade???? i never remembered it looking like this

  6. “I am very wealthy!” “I am no longer very wealthy”

    -Hex 2021

  7. The way he changes the artstyle from normal, to actual fnf style

  8. bro the animation at the end Is AMAZING

  9. 10:40 Did bf swear
    Like if you agree
    (Note: I’m not being a cringe kid I just never get likes)

  10. Bf:hey that feel wron- wait Yeet him to the sun
    Lemon demon:wait what the- Oof

  11. 15:08 wait what does she mean she can’t keep doing this has she done this before and if so how many times

  12. Hey firday nigth fuking how are you i m doing fine i love you voide boyfriend and girlfriend love you voide i going too ask my other brother too play Mario party nah maybe later because is clord outside, Noelle?!👑❤🎉

  13. "How to dispel demon magic"

    Very uh… convienent-

  14. 2:07 My reaction when a vengefly kills me because of my stupid choices

  15. Lanman! Roblox GD Minecraft RetroGames and more! says:

    Bruh! Your insane!

  16. I've NEVER seen this new version of winter horror land… 😱 The background I mean…

  17. Omg this was a VERY amazing video!!! 😍

  18. The way when he said evil pump his arm LOL

  19. The animation was good and EVIL PUMP

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