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WEEK 2579 of Friday Night Funkin

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  1. The fact how bf is dehydrated very dehydrated also hes 68 years old and gf is like: Daddy was right then leaves

  2. The fact theres like infinite mods out there

  3. Bro got so tired that he turned into a old man

  4. Poor BF he deserves much better than being a slave for a game 😢

  5. Do you think from how many mods there are these days that there’s actually about or more then 2579 weeks

  6. Realistically speaking, heve been in over 1000 mods by now

  7. I wish Newgrouds had been sincere enough to release it by week 2579…

  8. I think I just cried on the inside 🥲

  9. Back in the days we were still getting weeks frequently, this seemed possible

  10. The community after wating 69 years for the full game (they are dead)

  11. Hmm, i think your better with Gf than Bf! I support your love & romance with her!❤❤❤❤❤

  12. bruh this is kindof the dream since the only update since the beginning of fnf is week 7 and the only thing that is good is the mods nowadays

  13. I want this to be a mod.
    I not a big fan of Fnf anymore but theis should be a mod

  14. Bf ya no puede más,

    Saquenlo de latam o mejor déjenlo ahí con gf

  15. Finally after 4 years of searching i finally found this video that i didnt continue

  16. You should change the title to "waiting for week 8"

  17. Why are you skimping for her☠️💀☠️💀☠️?!?!

  18. lamentablemente muy lejos de la realidad canonica

  19. I’ve never felt absolute awkwardness in a terrifying way other than the time I found out fear and hunger

  20. BF is about 68.460274 years old after all those years of funkin out

  21. That’s the number of weeks we have been waiting for the game to come out

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