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VS. WHITTY | Friday Night Funkin’

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Whitty Fight Mod! With commentary / reactions.

Friday Night Funkin’ by ninjamuffin99
Art by PhantomArcade3k, evilsk8r
Music by kawaisprite
Mod by NateAnim8

Play the game yourself!

Download the mod here!

Friday Night Funkin’ Playlist!

#Merg #FridayNightFunkin #Whitty

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Thanks for reading. 🙂 this mod is the bomb


  1. Also Whitty In Bside:spam notes whitty in neo:so chill but haRD

  2. teacher :what are you laughing at
    me: nothing
    my mind:


  3. don't ask

    uwu person
    /﹋ __
    (҂`_´) (X_X)
    <,︻╦╤─ ҉ – – /| |
    /﹋ ||

  4. Oh no I really thought he was ganna die cuz he struggled in the og game but I stand corrected (sort of)

  5. There is a secret week in the Friday night funking whitty mod

  6. Witty why can't be frente olho got to love the odio#!

  7. whitty looks like the bomb head from gumball

  8. Did you know ther is actually a mod with whitty and carol?

  9. 3 second before : 1 miss
    3 second later : 11 miss

  10. Whitty then: i am god
    Whitty now: i go on date): u * is shy *

  11. When you whip merg and Whitt: cherry bomb from pbz

  12. The facts about a cherry Fighting a bomb is just amazing and also the cherry Won!?! that’s incredible

  13. i miss the days of fnf where people thought ballistic was impossible

  14. Just here to remind you, This mod has new input.

  15. Kinda funny seeing how half a year ago this was peak fnf difficulty.
    Oh, how mods have changed since then.

  16. This guy playing against Whitty while I can’t pass the second week in FNF

  17. My best description of Whitty: An eight feet tall bomb who swallowed a bass

  18. Fun fact whitty's pants are the color of the arrow he's doing, and if you don't see it don't worry it's hard to see. I barely even saw.

  19. Whitty: dont want anyone knowing im here


  20. I have been watching since disbelief papyrus

  21. Whitty is so awsome and so tall your awsome too merg

  22. The fact that it’s a CHERRY and BOMB? Cherry bomb?

  23. Aww man you beat me, the fight was awesome

  24. hes score for ballistic is negative thousands.

  25. I just like how whitty is just minding his own business and then boyfriend just runs his day

  26. when merg first saw how balistic wask, how he handeled it is similar to how i still handle it on easy mode, getting sort of better myself but now that i'm thinking about it, merg's really good at this

  27. Damn i have so much to catch up i haven't watched you for a long time

  28. Anyone just coming back to this channel dat u used to watch in class back in middle school

  29. "Man his voice is so cool!"
    Whitty: guitar screaming

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