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Vs Tricky Madness [Friday Night Funkin] 360° Animation

Halmo Animation
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Friday Night Funkin 360° vs tricky madness – second song from tricky mod. 3D animation with special FX. Multiple Points of view. Rotate camera to find 4 hidden characters and comment.
Bonus: tricky phase 3 Transformation.

0:00 – Player pov
0:40 – Tricky pov
1:10 – GirlFriend pov
2:01 – Boyfiend pov
2:25 – Tricky transformation

Tricky Mod:
Music used from Banbuds channel:
Cally3D (models) :

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  1. Tricky: keeps bleeding blood form mouth
    Bf POV: I think he almost will be dead gf

  2. Uh I didn’t know that he was spitting blood our I thought it was only when he says u don’t kill clown I kill uuuu

  3. А чр трики блюет и говорит😂

  4. Me when I’m tricky spitting fire : i’m spitting fire literally

  5. Why do I look like that and why did I toss my mask I would never

  6. Lol when tricky was rapping red stuff was coming out lolol!

  7. When the song ended he became phase 3 and said the F word………….

  8. I just wanna "some kind of music plays while gf flys away"

  9. Tricky looks like a dragon if he spits fire

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