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Tutorial (Slowed + Reverb) | Friday Night Funkin’

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Thumbnail edited by me, art belongs to the lovely FNF team.


All music in this video was made by the talented Kawai Sprite! Give him a follow on twitter and stream the OST on Spotify or buy it here!


Apps used: Videoleap, AudioEditor, iMovie, Meitu


  1. The background music tho✋ it sounds so good

  2. ACBJP6FVHOIJNR is the only 7way 🥰🥰🥰

  3. yes this is better much better for us to sleep

  4. Привет ❤️💌❤️😘

  5. Hi comment me what's your favorite character Carol 👑 or whitty 💣 favorite ship And favorite song all in fnf mod special bye ! Guys ! Oh And if you hate me 🖕 bye losers 🙂

  6. Bartek YT (Creator Of FNF Magical Of Hero) says:

    Sound Like Mami Tomoe

  7. I've only played an android version of fnf a few times
    Yeah I am part of the fandom
    Yeah I know most of the mods
    Yeah I am a real fan
    Yeah I feel the nostalgia of this song
    Yeah I know it's only been a year since it came out
    Yeah I haven't been super good at it
    Yeah I am not the creator of any mods
    Yeah I have known about mod controversy

    But I have watched almost every meme, almost every mod be beaten, vibed to almost every song. I love FNF and that's my own choice! If you think I'm not real that is your opinion!

  8. Its like having to sound mother gf teaching her child bf how to sing

  9. That Girlfriend is a first song of the FNF.

  10. Is May 28th 1997 ia it Tuesday or Wednesday

  11. I like ro singa about the moona and junea and the springa

  12. Gf sounds like knocking door bell

    And bf sounds like chicken popped on his head LOL-

  13. Thanks I am using this for my rec room builds

  14. Justa canción para despedir a fnf ya que está muriendo

    Tutorial claro!! 🙃

  15. No fucking way I joked about this existing and here it is.


  16. For me,the most apropriate stage to this song pass is in a park or in the street,not in a stage,because the birds singing and the atmosphere makes think in this

  17. She is perfect but like adult

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