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Turn-Bass – BPM Song (Friday Night Funkin, Parappa the Rapper, Scratchin’ Melodii)

Mike Geno
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bbpanzu made an animation of these guys playing uno on twitter some time ago and I decided to make a song based off of it!
Original tweet:

Thumbnail artist: vanilla_draws22 (instagram)

Background artist: @sakaruchibi12 (twitter)

Melodii: Pick up a card and place it down
Parappa: Pick up a card and place it down!
Melodii: Then watch our turns go round and round
Parappa: Then watch our turns go clockwise round!
Melodii: Its pretty easy don’t you see
Parappa: I really like this funky beat!
Melodii: Come one and have some fun with me
Parappa: Ok Melodii!
Parappa: Hey, rapping’s really easy once you get the basic rhythm, like 2 and 2 together, its like a funky algorithm
Melodii: The game won’t stop until somebody will win, so let’s see which one of use will make it to the end!
Parappa: Numbers, colors, add, and switch, there’s lots of cards, try not to flinch
Melodii: Red, yellow, blue, and green, don’t panic if you’re in a pinch
Parappa: Why panic if I’m gonna win, just one more card and I’m out the door
Melodii: Before you go, have one more card! It’s a plus 4
Parappa: Now this means war!
Melodii: Can’t find a match, so I’ll grab another
Parappa: Oh take you’re time, its not a bother
Melodii: Don’t try me dawg, I’ll take you down!
Parappa: Don’t threaten me, I’ll end this now!
Melodii: Have 2
Parappa: Take 4
Melodii: Take 6
Parappa: Have 8
Melodii: Keep going don’t make me wait!
Parappa: You’re late!
Melodii: I’ll make you lose
Parappa: I’ll be on top
Melodii & Parappa: I’ll keep on going t’ill you drop!

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  1. аааааа, песня сама по себе топ так и твой стиль шикарен!!!!

  2. Remove Scratchin' Melodii its a clone and rip off of fnf

  3. ok but did anyone notice the among us and megalomania at the end

  4. This reminds me ALOT of old fnf songs. You brought me back man.

  5. can somebody make a full lyric version of this song? thx
    btw this song is banger have listened so many times!

  6. Plot twist: bf starts rappin with his low deep english voice

  7. I knew it that the bf voice sounded familiar

  8. Bro really made me subscribe in one video 💀

  9. Maybe it’s because I listen to too much undertale- but I swear when bf says he wins I can hear megalovania

  10. The perfect combo of Bonedoggle, Pasta Night,and maybe a bit of Crossed Out


    Me: "that sounded far too close to the among us theme"

  12. I just find it funny how they call bf out on his rapping when they literally started it 💀

  13. this is the rhythm game crossover nobody asked for, but we are glad you did man.

  14. I like how BF, because he cannot speak standard English to sing, just starts beatboxing behind Melodii and Parappa while they are targetting each other.

  15. You made me simp on melodii just from her voice..

  16. This is what was happening during the events of Pasta Night

  17. I love this song so much, the characters, the music, the voice acting, EVERYTHING-Kyu. Mike-kun, are you a professional musician…if so you have to teach me sometime! You’re absolutely adorable making music as kawaii-tastic as this🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  18. 《•°Itz Ham Ham is confusion°•》 says:


  19. As someone who thinks slower than windows XP, I can relate to not wanting to rap with words, as I can't come up with them fast enough

  20. “Well, that’s just a bunch of ‘beeps’ and ‘boops’!” Gurl like your auto tune is ANY better.


  22. I'm just imagining a segment in the song where bf starts rapping with his actual deep voice from the Fresh Boyfriend Mix video

  23. Whack paper scissors shop my friend got scissors

  24. I realized that Melody says "DAWG" I thought she was a innocent Bean😔😔

  25. It would be cool if someone made a game like this, in the beginning its fnf, and when the lyrics hit its parapa/scratchin style (and you can pick a character i guess)

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