Top FNF Videos on YouTube
Top FNF Videos on YouTube

Top FNF Videos on YouTube

The DDR-inspired sensation that blew everyone away in 2020 isn’t going anywhere. Boyfriend and Girlfriend continue challenging charismatic antagonists to freestyle musical battles. Ever since the project’s inception, the community has been heavily invested in it. Users have been creating their own custom builds, fan art, and of course, FNF videos. Some of them are just as entertaining as the source material itself. Whether they are comedic or serious in nature, they are incredibly fun to watch. Produced by both professional and aspiring creators, they captivate the fanbase and the uninitiated alike. Let’s take a quick look and do an overview of the best entries.


Types of Friday Night Funking Videos

Types of Friday Night Funking Videos

Google’s main entertainment platform keeps growing and changing every year. Some trends fade away after a week while others stick around for a long time. Producers are constantly searching for new subjects to tackle. In the world of gaming, they typically revolve around fresh releases and hot IPs. This title ticks all the checkboxes and generates a crazy amount of hype. The huge body of works it encompasses consists of several general categories:

  • Reviews and in-depth analysis of the base game and its numerous mods
  • Letsplays, full playthroughs, and short highlights compilations
  • Reactions and recorded streaming sessions
  • Showing off certain in-game achievements and setting high scores
  • Memes, ridiculous gimmicks, mashups, and crossovers

Wading through the most popular submissions alone would require countless hours. Thankfully, it is fairly easy to figure out the best ones and forego the rest.

Breaking Down the Most Viewed FNF Videos

Breaking Down the Most Viewed FNF Videos

Views are not the ultimate criteria of quality. However, they do provide a good starting point and set a benchmark. In this case, sorting by the number of clicks produces interesting results.

  1. The very first clip is a fan-made track where different characters take turns performing: []. This shows how much the players love the idea of seeing clashing various installments.
  2. The creative streak doesn’t end there. TheShootKitty posted a detailed animation featuring Tankman, Pico, and the protagonists in an anime-style fight: []. There’s a whole bunch of similar high-quality cartoons out there.
  3. Another amazing subgroup is dedicated to recreating the rhythm game in other franchises. Here’s an example of a Minecraft implementation: []. And this is an Among Us reimagining: [].
  4. This list wouldn’t be complete without any letplayers. Here is a great one by CoryxKenshin: [].
  5. Last but not least, a mind-blowing insight into the original soundtrack and effects: []

Obviously, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are literally thousands of amusing pieces of content worth checking out. Give the mentioned FNF Videos a watch and keep coming back for more.

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