The Friday Night Funkin Degenerates -

The Friday Night Funkin Degenerates

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  1. I wanna read the Google doc, can anyone find the link for me? Please and thank you in advance :] <3

  2. Honestly, I slightly understand that last story. The creator's work got put on a site he didn't want it to, so he tried to get it off of there. While I do think his methods were absolutely fucking terrible, to say the least, at least it wasn't as bad as it couldve been.

  3. R we gonna ignore the fact that kodomodachi (子供達 / こどもたち))is children in japanese lol

  4. i don't know if i feel happy or sad for have brazilian representation on this video💀

  5. Why does this video use creepypasta music lmao

  6. mirth is still out here. under the same name and talking to more children.

  7. These stories are all examples of why fnf is not, nor was it ever intended for the kids of today. Fnf is a love letter to the edgy kids, now edgy adults, who grew up on Newgrounds, essentially 4chan lite with new features. Obviously, 4chan is not for kids. Neither is Newgrounds. At least not anymore. Kids should not be let anywhere near this game, as while it may look like a kids game, it's not for kids.

  8. I've been getting impatient requests like "WHEN'S VS. SONIC.EXE: MARIO EDITION 3.0?" and it's annoying me to this day, I wish I never joined the Friday Night Funkin' Community

  9. So after Tales from the Crypt was cancelled, apparently Crypty went on to become a data thief and broker… good to know.

  10. Her excuse about english been her second language is laughable to say the least. Not only her messages show her english is really good, but 10 times out of 10 someone will just google the word they don't know the first time they see or hear it. I'm brazilliian too, and learned what grooming is just by context watching one of those Omnision exposed videos. It's amazing how these people seem incapable of hiding who they trully are, every time they try to come with a excuse they just end exposing themselves even more.

  11. would you make a video ever about the degenerates in the smash community

  12. Is it possible to make a game and just not allow there to be this much degeneracy???

  13. I genuinely hate the fact that the drama of sky and the tribute mods came out on my FUCKING BIRTHDAY like the tribute mods came out on the same day I celebrated my birthday and just a couple days or weeks later more drama just popped💀

  14. It was parents who started it, they just let their kids be free on thier pc/laptop/phone, finding out fnf only to be realized that it was not made for kids..

  15. "Fnf modders over 10k downloads when I teach them how to not talk to minors in sexual ways"

  16. As an Apollo justice stan we do not claim Lara. Infact, I hope her eyelashes fall out.

  17. I agree with any sigma I want to nuke and hack fnf

  18. And like why are we in this world with weridos i mean its the devils fault like dang cant these people stop they can go to jail but nobody cares except us and jesus

  19. I remember discovering the game when no one knew it it was pure

    The community often ruins good things

  20. the fact kodomodachi/mirth is allowed to continue having her youtube account is both shocking and outrageous

  21. this is why I hate friday night funkin, theres nothing wrong with the game itself, its just…its just the community that makes me wanna puke in disgust with how shit and toxic it is

  22. As a minor, I am sometimes in fear of revealing my face. It's honestly disgusting how pedos and groomers like this can thrive on the internet, and kids can lie about their age.

  23. As a fnf mods fan, I'm kind of surprised that I heard of the four first mods in this video but wasn't interested by any of them (sky, Mickey mouse, among us and armor). I don't know how I dodged these bullets specifically when I am a big consumer of other popular fnf mods (indiecross, hotline024, mario madness, hypno's lullaby etc).
    Those in video are the rare that I heard of but wasn't interested in

  24. pretty much the only thing that the fnf community is its that there ither horny people or pedos

  25. the skye mod is super endearing tbh. embracing cringe and letting some kid see their work become something cool. but perhaps it should've been considered that the types of kids who create that kind of content are usually veerry socially challenged and maybe not prepared for all the attention, alongside exposing a kid's content to a very large audience with lots of intentions

  26. I thought the Sky mod was created to just make fun of certain fangirls in general. I didn’t know there was so much more to this.
    Also, one of the bad parts I’m irritated towards fandoms like FNF is not only fangirls/fanboys being unattended minors in the community, but family gaming channels exposing their kids and targeting minor audiences with franchises that’s not supposedly targeted towards them. And it’s not just Friday Night Funkin’, it’s other games like FNaF, Among Us, Undertale, Bendy and the Ink Machine, etc. And as a older sibling (not the eldest), it’s literally insufferable for that kind of content exposing my younger sibling and twisting them as a person in the worst way possible.
    Honestly, there’s plenty of reasons why parents/guardians should supervise, better yet, cut off internet access away from their kids up until they reach a certain age for them to prove they’re trusted with the internet.

  27. Lol this just shows that kids are the worst fanbase you can ever have.

  28. wtf i was commissioned by the may mays kai dude and he tried to refund himself the money afterward
    edit: forgot to mention i thought he was just a random dude i didn't know he made mods or mattered 😭

  29. 28:11

    OK, let me get this straight…they are Brazilian & English is their 2nd language, so naturally, they didn't understand the terminology of "grooming" & what that implies/means, yeah?

    Well, assuming Brazil has no age of consent laws & the ENTIRE country has ZERO socio nor criminological view that such interactions between an adult & a minor are inappropriate, I suppose that could track…oh, wait…yeaaaahhhhh…

    What a weak-as-weaselpiss excuse…attempting the claim simply not understanding the TRANSLATION somehow correlates/transfers to not understanding the very ACTIONS themselves & ergo means they have done nothing wrong…

    Absolutely, disgustingly PATHETIC~

  30. I know this is way out of pocket but the icon for sky in the mod reminded me of a character from Arthur’s world.

  31. 21:2022:00

    Bruh I don’t care but the situation this person went through is a fucked up thing but the video editing they made was just so fucking funny that I couldn’t stop laughing at the dramatic editing XD
    (I don’t care if I’m going to hell for laughing at just the editing)

  32. Crazy how a game about a funky rapper dating a demon would result in this much controversy.

    All because degenerates decided to get freaky at the wrong time.

  33. If i recall, wasn't fnf made for adults or teens by the lore the game?

  34. Noticing a bit of a pattern in the “degenerates” series: predators who think they’re exempt from consequences because they’re not sexual with their victims. I don’t care who you are, a grown-ass adult has ZERO business wanting to have a parental, sibling, or best friend relationship with a child online. As an adult, you have no reason to want these relationships with an unrelated child unless you’re actively looking for a position of power over someone more vulnerable.

  35. Sky literally had a femcel character arc and everyone said “yeah let’s make a mod about it”

  36. it makes me increduously angry how that one guy did not understand what epilepsy was

  37. Who's parents are letting their children onto these platforms?!…

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