The Friday Night Funkin Degenerates -

The Friday Night Funkin Degenerates

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  1. "I knew it was wrong, but not the consequences"



  2. keep talking about this they post stuff everywhere about s_ide and also ''seggsualized'' versions of spongebob characters,it's problematic and dangerous all around and I'd hate to see kids find that content.

  3. why are all people with such drawing style are weirdos and fking perverts

  4. why tf is the video so cinematic especially the end😭

  5. i've never seen something so zoomer in my life. one game, and things get THIS bad

  6. Oh you’ve got to be fucking kidding me, why is everyone on the internet a fucking pedo Jesus Christ.

  7. I know this is like a western thing but the use of "they" when talking about different individual people is so confusing and I don't know who you are referring to a lot of the times 🙁

  8. I dont think its a coincidence that all of these games have the same fans

  9. The people in the comments blaming a literal 12 year old for any of this are insane

  10. ive been binging your videos for a few days and all i gotta say is i will not be the same

  11. ok anybody if your gonna erotic roleplay DONT do it in a vc PLEASE💀

  12. The guy who replied with “no I judge pedophiles who play victim” is AN ABSOLUTE LEGEND man is named your mom and is that much of a savage good for him

  13. heres what I think about sky
    Bbpanzu can't really change the oc of sky because he's not the owner, so the age he put on her (iirc was 13) wouldn't change anything.
    So the age that WAS given too her by the creator (iirc was around 18-19) WOULD have an impact.

  14. 0:00 You kind of say "Friday Night Funkin'" like Chris Pratt says "Koopas."

  15. I learned a long time ago that if you joined any small community, make sure not to be a big name in said community, one day the tweets that you post on 18/4/2022 will haunt you forever.

  16. Wait wait wait wait woahwoahoah, wait, I saw one of those "Kirby inhales YouTubers" videos a while back! I didn't know they were made by such a disgusting person. The comments didn't say anything…

  17. Honestly, I am not surprised this happened. Yes, I comment of a video about FNF degenerates on 2023.

  18. Fnf is nasty. The only reason it exploded in popularity was because of the COVID and people simply didn't had anything better to do.

  19. Gotta love how this generation is just kinda getting ruined by the internet.

    …also gotta love that I have to be part of said generation…

  20. As a fnf fan, fnf fandom is so dirty

  21. 21:49 god this breaks my heart. made me tear up a little as a victim of grooming myself because this was exactly how i felt. you can hear her voice breaking and god i hope shes doing ok now

  22. Woah why are people attacking the giy who made the original sky mod? He literally did nothing wrong. The modder never implemented anything suggestive into the mod, or made any advances towards the kid either. People make fun of kids for beung cringe, so whats so bad about this guy?

  23. Wtf why is this community so horny?? I thought FNF was a game for little kids. It is EXTREMELY concerning that there are so many creators in the community that are gross and p3d0philic considering how many children love FNF.

  24. 26:27
    Women Feel Shame For Your Disgusting Actions Challenge (IMPOSSIBLE MODE)

  25. one thing i cant seem to understand with these fandom degenerates is, how hard is it to stay away from the fucking children ffs

  26. I used to love this game but the fandom just kept getting worse and worse until I couldn't take it anymore

  27. Im still really mad mirth has a big following on YouTube along with nobody calling her out

  28. You know something I learned about the fnf community there are three groups of people, first group is just the people that want to enjoy the game and everyone's creativity, second group is the horn dogs who want to f**k every fnf characters, third group is the garbage human beings, using their platform as a source of power to manipulate others, but everyone has their opinions and this is mine

  29. Telling someone they’re a piece of shit and need help for making a game with bright lights is top tier reddit ☠️ it ain’t anybody fault that you or your friends are weak specimens that can’t look at the tv 😂 god damn spergs

  30. would looove for you to do this style video but for steven universe! unless you've done it already,,,,,but it just came to mind! love the work you do

  31. About the Amouraltra thing I think one of their devs had Ben stealing stuff during the production of the EX version idk I’m going based off memory or some shit

  32. Dude I'm pretty sure something happened with themaskedchris

  33. basically "sorry i'm a horny teen"
    bro who cares

  34. The devs decided to be nice and let people mod it. And then well, they went and fricked it up.

  35. This is why companies don't let ppl mod. I Mena Nintendo doesn't let you for money but things like this can also damage their reputation. These are the reasons we CNA have nice things!

  36. This is why I didn't join this community

  37. I wonder if Mirth is actually a dude pretending to be a woman

  38. Let’s stop giving predators internet access and let kids be kids 🙂

  39. My little nephew was addicted to this shit. I was on guard McAfee level for awhile sensoring what he watch cause youtube kids allow this type of content.

  40. Trolls: send r34
    BB: sends r34
    Trolls: dude wtf

  41. i knew i would see the whole sky situation on here, fnf fandom is such a mess

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