The Friday Night Funkin' BETADCIU Farms. -

The Friday Night Funkin’ BETADCIU Farms.

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Quite a long vid, hope you enjoy
Watch @ItsSoraval’s betadciu’s!

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  1. Jeez, BETADCIUs were good back then.

  2. Little note, Blantados does still do YouTube

  3. i listen to covers and betadcius p frequently and the best ones r ones where u can tell the creator thought abt the placements of each character. like if they sound good at this or that part of the song and with which characters they might sound best with at said part. some even go the extra mile and maximize the visual potential betadcius can have with amazing coding or even tell a little story at the same time. with that approach, some absolutely fantastic betadcius have been made over the years, many of which i still come back to every so often
    in terms of bad stuff, i think the videos thatve cropped up recently w/ like 6 or so betadcius in them should b mentioned too. whether these types of videos r posted every day or every few days, thats a recipe for some half-baked betadcius! ive seen some of them myself and i can say i think theyre not very good. i see the 20 min runtimes and im just like come ON man. pleasing the algorithm or not, u dont just rush this stuff out
    but yea it sucks to see that fnf betadcius and covers in general r in this state. if theres at least one unironic reason i can give to seek out the smaller creators that no one else has mentioned, its that they dont put the banban characters or skibidi toilet in theirs lol

  4. neonight fell off when he didnt even bother replacing the laugh for death toll after hyping it for days

  5. and this is why i watch alot more of the underated cover makers, i am someone who makes covers myself and i actually have a fun time doing them, so with people like neonight really give cover creators a bad name, i do remember the old days of neonight tho and it was way better then how he is now, but yeah hopefully more underated cover makers get more traction

  6. It doesnt help that there is a hd fnf channels of this

  7. Honestly, I 100% agree with you! Just seeing the rainbow friends covers being milked by NeoNight actually just made me go ''You know what? This content is kinda lame, unsubbing'' and going back to check him out nowadays the content has yet to change.
    After this vid was done I saw he made a cover with digital circus characters (which is another popular indie project that kids love) and while it's much better than Skibidi toilet and BanBan, you can still tell he does it for the money and the kids. (Although digital circus is pretty good not dissing it or anything)

    It's just kinda lame, I like checking out BETADCIUs to see character combos, making me wonder what characters are getting used and what mods they are from as some covers actually introduced me to some pretty banger mods.
    I just avoid big BETADCIU creators, it's clear they only care about money and views (like 99% of Youtubers) but all their videos are just boring and not interesting anymore.

  8. Skibidi toilet is genuinely really good and awesome and the fact it's being used as this ohio rizz banban irony culture makes me upset and blood boil. I am not trying to be a meat rider but they also did this with pizza tower too. Skibidi toilet and pizza tower are both fire and don't deserve to be part of irony banban ohio culture.

  9. I have been around the cover community since it started, and a creator of betadciu for like a year now, it sucks that the cover community has a problem with milking songs and characters. No one is making covers anymore for fun, most of the time it is just a cover with "Insert popular character" and call it a day, and I feel people like neonight kinda made it worse with the milking of songs and characters to just get views and money. My friends in the community of cover creators like Ryoku agree that covers now don't have the feeling of being made for fun, it is always what song is popular that week or character. I use to love betadciu and covers, but now I am slowly starting to dislike the content style, like it doesn't feel special like it did a few years ago. And now it just has reached the point of where I can understand musicians not wanting covers of their song to be posted. I love the community and I hate to see that it has become this content farm for only views and money, I just wish I could see the day where the content farms of covers die, but we all that will never happen.Let's just hope that one day, that actual talented betadciu creators get the views the deserve, and that the content farms start to lose views and subs.

  10. Anyways, Who invented BETADCIU Is Blantados !

  11. More the time passes and more I hate both Neonight and Sharv because they give a bad name to cover makers. Thanks to my friends, I've been trying to improve my covers to be sure to include a lot of underrated characters now to keep them interesting
    I do hope more smaller cover creators can get more recognition

  12. nameienslejdhenishdyrvrme having three syrokekkeekkelekekeke

  13. I hate how all the art used in the neonight covers looks really good😢

  14. I unsubbed from neonight when he started milking

  15. When will you make the video on Sunday Night Suicide's Cancellation?

  16. Honestly, if they didn’t have popular songs and kid related characters (like gobb, pibby, skibiti fuckin toilet) it probably would be better and be back how it was 2 years ago

  17. I don't think youtube likes that I'm early. Really sad to see so many have tried to profit off of others' works in this way, and I'm glad somebody's addressing this. Because of their greed the rest of us cover-makers who DON'T profit off other people's content have to suffer the consequences of THEIR selfishness. We truly do live in a society, huh.
    EDIT: Yeah, I got the video to load. I do my covers on Mobile, so there's only so much I can do, but I am fully willing to allow other people to use my content as like playable versions and stuff.

  18. this is why BETADCIU'S aren't my thing
    I just prefer making what comes to my mind, honestly

  19. Neonight is not going to like this video

  20. FanaticStew53 - Blake Animations And Covers says:

    The problem with the covers/BETADCIUs (dw, they’re all made for fun) that I make is that they’re all made in mobile, however I do allow people to create playables of them (as long as the effort is put into it; for example, say like in a section of one the background is cut in half with the background split thingy; that’s what I mean). Also, I agree with you about there being some underrated cover makers out there. Take me for instance; maybe needs a few improvements with someone’s vocals, but other than that, they’re pretty good. Also, I don’t know how, but one day I woke up and one of my BETADCIUs (I think it’s the Identity Crisis BETADCIU I made back in late January of this year) had like 10k views on it (I guess people really love that song lol). To be fair, it probably had something to do with the editing.

    (Yeah, I’m rambling at this point, so I’m just gonna stop myself right there lol)

  21. soraval is what neonight used to be, a good content creator
    now only neonight wants to atract kids to his videos

  22. As someone who has been making betadcius for over two years I have seen the rise and fall of this type of content, and tbh it all started to go down when poppy playtime was released and got a mod for fnf. The bigger betadciu creators started to use these characters to profit off of it and they gained more attention since people watch what's popular at the time. I prefered to make what I enjoyed, but that only got me so far, my channel started getting less and less views since I wasn't making covers with whatever popular character people liked at the time, and in the end that demotivated me enough to make me upload less and less of these until I just decided to quit last month.

    Pretty long ramble about my own channel but I wanted to comment about it since I was one of the first people to make betadcius

  23. neonight made a cover that had roiginal art and stuff and it made everyone happy then he just milked again

  24. It's quite ironic. People who milk the current trends just for their views, while other decent cover creators got eliminated because of the trending wars.

  25. I think NeoNight should make covers/BETADCIUs of different internet projects, because there are a lot of better internet projects out there such as Welcome Home or My Friendly Neighborhood (I’m a fan of both).

  26. Blantados still does yt as his last upload was about a month ago.

  27. 7:25 “spending like nine hours on it” haha. haha. nine. hahahaha

    i wish these still took that long…

    that aside i’ve never really cared abt the skibidi banban betads eating up all the views bc there’s no point to really. he’s doing what he must to get views because that’s what he wants, and he got it

    i can’t really hate on that tbh

  28. i am more of a my take/remix youtuber then a betadciu one i put lots of hours into what i make and to see videos milk views from kids content is a little bit discouraging

  29. Funding for this project has heen possible by viewers like you.

  30. I feel like neonight makes good content whenever he doesn't use popular stuff for example death toll bestdciu I kind of stopped watching his channel when he started making more Poppy Playtime and rainbow friends content and I see it hasn't got better

    Edit: at least the thumbnails look cool

  31. Hey! Thanks for recommending my BETADCIU's, I feel quite flattered!

    Anyways, to my thoughts about this

    I remember having this talk with a good handful of my friends and for the most part I agree, BETADCIU's have lost the touch they used to have thanks to the constant use of the Skibidi Toilet, Garten of Banban etc. type of content

    This does leave it up to us underrated, smaller channels to set the bar up higher for this type of content which can definitely be a good thing, only problem is that we're harder to find since the algorithm will pick up on the "milked content" instead

    I believe it's a matter of really trying to find these underrated BETADCIU channels and boosting them up the algorithm as much as possible to show what the community really wants

  32. Man I really hate how the people who profit these stuff get the bigger picture then the ones who actually put effort in there videos it’s just not right

  33. i dont think its only betadciu, its covers aswell

  34. As you talked about BETACIU content farms, you need to talk about a scummy cover channel named Max. (@The_Real_Max.)

    Trust me… It is worse than what you think

  35. I'd argue sora is being blessed by the algorithm if anything. He's the most successful newer generation BETADCIU maker i know. Absolutely watch his content, he's a top 5 maybe top 3 creator for me!

    Buuuut if you really want to support the little guys, stick around for icon/sprite only covers. Those guys get 1-2k tops per video, have subs in the hundreds and yet consistently pull off better sounding covers than all the big name creators, even if they're not as visually appealing at first.

    Go gas up creators like juxtain, plainmiki, rafy, magnifyingalt, neonmpeg, enderzx, en-joy, jibalex, palpitoadplus, forgotten nyx and ESPECIALLY go gas up inkzilla and chum-bot.

  36. I'll admit that the overusage of Garten of Banban or Skibbidi Toilet has made me turn away from some channels. I don't hate them but it's just very clear to know just how much a trend has completely taken over. I still like BETADCIU's but they just really aren't the same as before, or at least that's how I feel sometimes.

  37. I don't agree with BETADCIU Content Farms. as someone who has made BETADCIU Content for about a year, For the most part you will get buried under these Content Farms if you don't do something that's popular or have a Garten of BanBan character (or any popular character) in the thumbnail. I try to at least make my thumbnails Eye catching but it doesn't pop off compared to a Garten of BanBan BETADCIU. I do BETADCIU's For Fun or when I'm Bored and its just sad seeing people use BETADCIU For Money (some song creators don't want BETADCIU Making money off their songs) and Content farms. My only Popular BETADCIU that appears in my Popular tab when using a PC to look at YouTube is "PowerHour From Twinsomnia" and I'm fine with that. I'm just doing these for fun and don't care if one pops off or not, as long as I'm having fun while making the BETADCIU!

    Maybe The Content farm BETADCIU Channels are having fun making the covers. But I doubt it, Literally Neo Makes a cover then Commissions someone for the Sprite + BG if needed. Where's the effort or Fun in that. I get it some people cant draw but like you could make a Prey Skibibi Toilet Cover (Not Including Sprites) within an hour OR EVEN LESS if there's already pre existing chromatics of those characters from Skibidi Toilet. Then if you draw you own sprites maybe it will take about a Week or 2 depending on your Motivation. But Neo is Commissioning someone and from looking at Neo's Main person he goes to for sprites and how many comms that person gets, Maybe 3 Weeks or more just for sprites. for a FNF Covers Sprites that wont be released anywhere.

  38. I quite like some of these covers, but some of them are just blatantly trying to get views.

    btw my favourite betadciu content creator is Zynux, I don't think he uses any of the characters you have listed.

  39. Honestly, kinda expected this.
    I’ve seen them everywhere, and I eventually grew tired of it, and that was in the early fnf days.

  40. Plz dont offend me but what is BETADCIU?

  41. they expand their videos by using previously published videos after the main one.

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