The Best Game Over Screen in FNF #46 - Friday Night Funkin -

The Best Game Over Screen in FNF #46 – Friday Night Funkin

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In the video there are some over screens I made myself. FNF MOD creators can take it to perfect their mods
— Mods Use:
– Vs Roblox Doors:
– Buffet Night Burstin:
– vs Radi:
– VS Untitled Goose Mod:
– VS Cryptid Night Funkin :
– Mario FNF Port :
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  1. Cap death screens can u not animate some of them?

  2. ⠀🟥🟥🟥

  3. ahahahah noob in the song with the cube you don’t go down but become a crystal

  4. Yes rush the one who killed me 20 times

  5. One channel no one cares about but still trys says:

    Fnf vs rush sucked

  6. Bro dont do animations show the real animations of death apart the animations are so bad

  7. This guy really doesn’t care about the quality of the animations. I know for a fact that most of these aren’t the actual death screens. He just makes them himself and doesn’t even put any effort into them.
    And to make it worse, he uses things like stock sound effects , like the among us kill sound effect. And most of them are just really poorly edited, like the Sonic one.

  8. ah yes lets start the video with a song that isnt even good
    and lets also just make our own game over screens which arent even cool

  9. The Untitled Goose One Wasent Bf Dying It Kinda Looks Like Bf Finally Got His Hat

  10. If you want an actual compilation of game over screens don't watch this at all

  11. Bruh like only three of the “ death”animations are real while like everyone else is saying the rest are poorly made with “meme” sound effects

  12. your "death anmansons" suck bad bro get better

  13. I'm am hate the mod of girlfriend…fat
    Is cringe

  14. he makes fanmade death screens

  15. There were fake game over animations… And some real ones…

  16. These all are edited by you so don't scam ppl pls

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