Tabi Ex-Boyfriend FULL WEEK in Friday Night Funkin' -

Tabi Ex-Boyfriend FULL WEEK in Friday Night Funkin’

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Submitter: Homskiy

Project Leader / Tabis DAD: Homskiy

Scripter: GWebDev

Music Composer / Art / Sprites Editor / Charter: Tenzubushi

My battle Charts: DaDrawingLad

Girlfriend VA: Angelattes

Tabi VA: Cougar MacDowall

Special Thanks: sock.clip, Sini, RussianRatigan


  1. Cant believe it's been a year today since this legendary mod was released.

  2. Это было 1 год назад?

  3. I like how it just ends with no definitive conclusion to the story

  4. Tabi mod first song is very good,now its 2022 But i like to listen is again

  5. Hola veo que te gustan fnf Ami me gustan Ruv y sky

  6. My favorite songs are the second and the third… Na I like all three

  7. Bro Im always wondering how he has neck

  8. When k did this tabby was like, flying everywhere and I thought that was supposed to happen… guess it was a glitch

  9. 7:49 is when the maximum capacity of chaos is about to ensue.

  10. I really like this video it is so interesting except the first level genocide where's the best level I thought the cut scene was super awesomepooooooooooooooot

  11. At the last level it's literally just welcome to hell

  12. I remember back in the olden days when we were all like "OMG He can move the bar on the bottom! is this the peak of FNF modding?" Songs still a bop though.

  13. Friday Night Funkin VS Tabi (Ex Boyfriend)

    Beggining: 0:00

    Curse (Cutsene 1): 0:36
    My Battle: 2:21

    Cutsene 2: 4:18
    Last Chance: 4:59

    Cutsene 3: 7:07:
    Genocide (Extreme One): 8:09

    Finish: 10:38

    (FNF VS TABI (Ex Boyfriend) is so good.

  14. Listen to the first song.(My-Battle) That BF says run but it sounds like bun, Either that boyfriend is singing or that BF is telling GF a message or even us. 😮

  15. Thank you very much!!! ❤ I am trying to do like that!

  16. I didn't know that there was TTS voices in this.
    Note to the reader, TTS means "Text to speech".

  17. I would always get to the end bit of genocide and then die from the repeat notes

  18. the fact that he almost lost at the last second of the song ☕️💀

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