Stress - Friday Night Funkin' OST -

Stress – Friday Night Funkin’ OST

Kawai Sprite
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Composed by Kawai Sprite:
From the game “Friday Night Funkin'”
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  1. Reminds me of Chaos Faction if anyone remembers that game 👍

  2. The way that 1:161:27 leads in to the bass drop is so sick it gives me goosebumps

  3. when he says "pretty good" even though im sucking ass like hes proud of me for trying anyway 😭🖤

  4. The word you're looking for is "Space Ranger" says:

    Tankman casually saying pretty good while pico slaughters half of his entire army is pretty dark.

  5. You not supposed to be able to talk words during a rap battle


  6. So the section where Tankman says "Heh, pretty good!", has some hilarious charting Basically you just have to hit the notes at a set 8th note pattern, however right as Tankman says "pretty good!", there's a sneaky 16th note in-between note that comes in that I completely didn't expect.
    And the best part is, if you do the 8th note pattern perfectly, but just miss the 16th note, Tankman's "pretty good!" will be completely muted, so it sounds like he just says "Heh!" and is laughing at you. xD

  7. I love how Pico shoots to the timing of that reese bass!

  8. Not me imagining Tankman and Boyfriend +Girlfriend having a guitar battle while Pico goes crazy on the drums

  9. How does bf hold gf with ONE ARM meanwhile raping

  10. This is my favorite song do you like it

  11. tankman vs garcello:
    tankman: * shoots *
    garcelo: make nothing
    tankman: oh he is a ghost

  12. ik no one will care, but right before that beat drop at 1:26 , I threw a towel over my head which ultimately caused my earbuds and phone to go flying across the room

    my earbuds were detached from my phone and landed in the bathtub

  13. Luv tank man songs! Luv da reeeeemixs 2! Keep postin vids!🥰

  14. When there is one chip left in the bowl:
    Bf: Y/N
    Pico: Backup
    Gf: Support
    Tankman: Enemy

  15. Me: Misses like 20 keys
    Tankman: HEH PRETTY GOOD
    Also me: dies at the next second

  16. Me when I have to study at night with a caffeine overdose and one hell of a headache: STRESS

  17. Pico be like in the song: 🔫 go brrrrrrrrrr

  18. Tankman and Boyfriend: Rap battling
    Pico: F R E E K I L L S

  19. Tbh, I only came for the "pretty good!"
    He sounds amazing when he kinda cuts it into the song lol

  20. “When the beat comes” : me nodding my head frantically while concentrating


  22. Original FNF must have a accuracy meter like the nonsense mod where based on your accuracy tankman will say something different
    1-60% Accuracy : Huh, you're pretty shiet.
    60-75% Accuracy : Huh, not bad.
    75-85% Accuracy: Huh, pretty good!
    85-100% Accuracy: Huh, pretty sick!

  23. When I had enough with the virus that threatens CN universe

  24. 0:02 your gym class is playing dodgeball
    0:07 the opposing team has the athletic kid
    0:12 the game starts in 3 seconds
    0:18 you're determined and don't give up
    0:23 the athletic kid tries to nail you but you dodge every one
    0:28 the gym teacher joins your team
    0:33 the gym teacher combined with your determination begins to nail down the enemy team
    0:38 your friend joins in and you dominate more
    0:45 the enemy makes a brief recovery and takes out 10 players
    0:50 you quickly return and continue to dominate
    0:57 it's halfway into the match and both teams decide not to lose
    1:03 the athletic kid on the opposite team admits you're doing well
    1:07 the match gets to a head to head
    1:16 the gym teacher leaves your team, but you're not being stopped
    1:23 the smart kid pulls up and joins your team
    1:27 since you have brains you dominate even better than before
    1:33 the enemy team makes a brief return for a few seconds
    1:38 they continue their return but you keep on dodging all of them
    1:43 the match gets to a head to head yet again and both teams agree it is a stalemate
    1:49 you become tired for a few seconds but continue to focus
    1:52 the enemy is also exhausted but still try to nail you
    1:57 you throw the final ball reluctantly and you win

  25. This song is the pure definition of you reliving an argument from years ago in the shower.

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