Sonic Sink Animations Good Ending VS. Bad Ending -

Sonic Sink Animations Good Ending VS. Bad Ending

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Sonic Sink Animations Good Ending VS. Bad Ending

Animator is EhSanKingMT:

FNF – Below The Depths (Sink) Download:

METR0GARD3N – Composer of Below The Depths Sink:
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  1. Sonic dies in water after 5sec

  2. I am a sonic fan and I was very sad about the bad ending, tails and sonic, but luckily they were saved with the good ending.

  3. Poor sonic sacrifices to cut his own right leg.

  4. Bruh sonic cuts his leg instead of the chain

  5. Cant he just cut the chain not his leg 💀

  6. I remember those days of those great FNF songs

  7. porque o sonic não corta a corrente

  8. my body: ok shes scared im gonna proceed to have everthing shaking.

  9. Sonic: cutting his leg
    Meanwhile: red foot zeff in one piece saving sanji so he cut if his leg

  10. Sonic: i cant cut the chain so i cut my legs
    Meanwhile sonic cut the tails chain with that knife 😎 im smart 🤯

  11. Se sacrificio por su pierna para salvar a tails al final le una pierna nueva 😢😢😢😢

  12. Bad ending: together forever
    Good ending: wanna go in a bed?

  13. Sonic cuts his leg then tails's metal chain:


  14. Sonic literally said “screw it.” And literally chopped off his own leg💀💀

  15. now in fnaf they will think mister is a animatronic and he will be safe. i think… but this stay he lost a leg :c

  16. Y couldn’t he just cut the chain in the good ending bro is dumb

  17. Sonic y Tails como llagado así? Y sonic se corta y Tails sela arregla

  18. Bro cut his leg instead of just cutting the chain like he did to tails💀

  19. 😢 not a good dream 💤 ❤ sweet dreams 💋🎉😊

  20. After something bad happens, something good will happen, and after something good happens, something bad will happen someday

  21. In case someone doesn't know, cutting a limb is more difficult than cutting metal and even more difficult in water, first because your nerves prevent it, second because the bone is very hard, almost as hard as metal, and also under water metal does not have the same force as outside the water

  22. Monitor e virou Sonic😅😅 o Sonic virou Sonic s porque ele viu um espírito e não aguentou o Deus corta a perna não adianta muito sangue velho eu tenho o mesmo pavor do Sonic xonado no rádio e Nadal não sei eu só fico no raso é doido ficar nada lá no fundo todo mundo tem medo de água eu tenho medo mas não de banho eu tenho medo de eu só tenho medo de

  23. Blud cut off his leg but cut Tails chain💀🗿

  24. So let’s say the top one as what actually happened it just depends on the social media of how you would think of sonic

  25. ❤❤❤❤❤💔💔💔💔💔😡😡😡😠😠😠😭😭😭😱😱😱

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