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Welcome back to Friday Night Funkin, it has been a hot moment since we last played this game and I have to admit I’ve missed it! I had to come back for this incredible mod however, the release of Hypno’s Lullaby V2.0 (which unfortunately got cancelled) Enjoy the video!

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  1. 3 song Hypno looks looks like mama gurdy from binding of issac

  2. Ryan you gotta play Mario FNF port when it comes out

  3. Try using DFJK instead of the arrow keys, it might help with the songs using the space bar.

  4. i got 1 question how did you play it acause when i downloaded it it doesnt have its own engine

  5. Just say NO NOT NOW I HAVE YOUTUBE TO DO says:

    I love how in amsuia he didn't noticed that the wigglytuff actually didn't hit the notes

  6. The only way I was able to beat death toll was to bring my foot up to my keyboard for space meaning I was standing for the entire song lol.

  7. Tip: lose on shinto you’ll get a funny surprise

  8. My man isotope hit so hard the mf'er became british

  9. Okay but kinda cool that Ryan didnt get the retry/game over screen on Frostbite one since its actually pretty … gruesome-

  10. it's an amazing mod indeed, but the gf's down animation is just 😭

  11. Hey you can do better if u do A W and up arrow and right arrow it can give u more space to hit space

  12. For those who dont know the song Amusia is a jigglypuff in the shop he says it "cant sing" Amusia also means the inability to sing

  13. boyfriend sticks his middle finger up at isotope

  14. I love how a lot of YouTubers don’t even know what a Feraillgatr is nor Celibi
    (I know Celibi is cut in half so I get it)

  15. i hope he realizes he missed a bunch of stuff later and then he regrets not seeing it then afterwards delays 1 next fnf video to come back to it then later posts the other fnf video. IN OTHER WORDS, HE ALWAYS FORGETS EVERYTHING.

  16. 𝒞𝒸𝓇𝓊𝓃𝒸𝒽𝓎 ︎♡︎ says:

    "I want to see that face!"
    no you dont💀

  17. saves que pudes configurar tus controles en cualquier mod

  18. so if you don’t know what the green pokimons name its name is feraligatr

  19. For those who are unaware, the mod was pretty much just cancelled because I think Banbuds said something. Then after that, a bunch of people started leaving.

  20. Dam the time and effort that the makers had to do ESPECIALLY the clay part I could never have that much energy

  21. ryan you should change your keybinds from the arrows to something on the center of your keyboard so you can use your thumb to click spacebar it makes the game so much easier

  22. What the hell you don't end the monochrome REALLY!?!? PLEASE PLAY THIS THE END

  23. Monochrome got a phase 2 you should go try it

  24. its been a while seen you play fnf can you play mistful crimson morning next

  25. It's a good thing you accidentally skipped the death animation for frostbite. It's extremely brutal and I think you would've ended up getting demonetized. That Freakachu (the monster Pikachu that red sent out)? it eats through your back and eats your insides then bursts through your chest like in Alien

  26. Hey 8-Bitryan if the little guy that did the little song in Monochrome he gets rid of a piece of the bar so that way you need to be more careful

  27. Id like to keep fnf content on the low
    it was getting annoying
    if you didnt like the game you would basically have nothing to watch

  28. I think you can retry monochrome in the main week if you press enter fast enough

  29. Who is going to tell him he can play with actual keys and not just arrows?

  30. Dude I’m so upset he didn’t witness the addition to monochrome

  31. Hey, Ryan, I was hoping you could beat the mod and unlock that other monochrome, trust me you’ll love it 🙂 thanks!

  32. Hey Ryan, if you decide to come back to FNF, then can you try out the Vee Funkin mod. It's got 9 main songs and 3 bonus songs, (with more to come). I think you would really enjoy it.

  33. Dude this guy hasn’t ever played Pokémon

  34. IT'S BEEN A WHILE. Hope you guys enjoy, next FNF video will be in 6 months time

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