SMG4: If Mario Was In.... Friday Night Funkin -

SMG4: If Mario Was In…. Friday Night Funkin

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Mario raps for his life.


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  1. Hey meggy do you like cars 1 2 3 and mlp

  2. mario on madness: (does madness)

    me: oh my god he did beat madness

  3. Swag
    Up: Your Mom
    Right: Your Mom
    Down: Your Mom
    Left: Your Mom

  4. Why is dad being like Michael Jackson dude

  5. One question, why is mr Krabs in there, there is ni mr Krabs in fnf

  6. Mario: is ripped in half
    Also mario: im fine

  7. I do miss one person in the smg4 series it's X from the fat Italian wars

  8. I like how it goes from Tutorial straight to Madness

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