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Welcome back to Friday Night Funkin’. Thank you guys so much for the support on part 1, I’m so glad you guys were down for more of this game. I LOVE IT. Part 3 soon!?

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  1. Play the hell beats mod to make shore you are worthy

  2. lamon demon is my favorite character hands down

  3. title: Showing down with a literal demon
    Daddy Dearest: Now im gonna have to stop you right there

  4. Imagine Ryan struggling here at the beginning of his FNF journey, and then he goes from this here, to wreaking Whitty and Tricky… man, I wish I "got gud" like that… Though in case or Ryan, he was pretty 'gud' to begin with… first tries everything, on hard…

    15:28 One of my favorite moments lol. So funny how that was hectic/difficult to Ryan before, and now look at him, crushing everything.

  5. I like these people so much that I even have this this megabot song as as my wing tone

  6. Maybe you shuld react to fnf week 5 lyrics so you know what mom and dad and borfrend were saying

  7. Lemon demon have the song most weird in fnf ._.

  8. 11:26
    Play in slow motion and u and if u listen closely u will hear NEVER GONNA GIVE U UP

  9. Ryan:"how have i literally not failed a single time in this game wow"

    Tricky New Update:"allow me to introduce myself"

  10. Friday night funkin' should be a Vevo- Lmao

  11. This one reminds me of Glados, is there a mod for that?

  12. Casually just enjoying a rhythm game when suddenly mans come strolling into week 5 strapped with a glock..

  13. Title: Showing down with a demon. You have been doing that the whole entire game girlfriend's parents are demons shes a demon

  14. I could hardly hear the lyrics to Winter Horrorland so I looked it up and… damn. Kudos to whoever came up with the song, it’s so wonderfully messed up.

  15. Lemon demon :im very epoc and pog Mommy mearest:TAKE THIS BEAT DROP RYAN lemon demon:wait what

  16. i can see lemon demon in the corner of the first song in week 5

  17. looking like the persona 3 protagonist with that haircut lol

  18. Lemon Demon: Snowmen smiling with your teeth…
    Ryan: 1, 2, 3, 4-
    Also Lemon Demon: Fallen angels (demons) created with your meat.

  19. 17:15 You're JUST NOW realizing what he's been singing about!!? 😂

  20. You see there that lemon demon he has been watching all the time 16:10 up right beside that girl

  21. When ryan was afraid of dad battle:

    Me: good, old times

  22. I’d love this even more if it was with undertail music imagine playing Megalovania…

  23. No one gonna talk about Henry stick man and lemon demon in the background of daddy dearest and mommy mearest’s songs?

  24. 10:45 I’m worried about this this is tricky ( the tricky mod being out when this comment was made be like )

  25. "[Rhythm games] were literally my bread and butter" really made me giggle. Beatmania the bread, butter it with a little DDR… 😂

  26. I probably shouldn’t be watching someone else play this game while I’m playing it too

  27. Lyrics for Winter Horrorland (16:4018:50)

    Your skin is freezing
    Here, let me help you take it off

    Feasting with your friends
    The perfect way to end
    All these lonely holidays

    You take a piece of your rabies
    And vivisect your mind

    Snowmen smiling with your teeth
    Fallen angels created
    With your meat
    (That pearly smile)

    Cut in a thousand slices
    Bake you 'til golden brown
    Stuff you with spices
    Serve to friends around

    Separate you from your eyes
    Turn your Girlfriend inside out
    And burn her fingernails

    Soak your hands in freezing water
    Watching as the skin gets softer
    See your bones appear in dark red snow
    Drop further below

    You take a piece of your rabies
    And vivisect your mind
    And take a peek inside your head
    And find the worm inside

    Cut in a thousand slices
    Bake you 'til golden brown
    Fill you with spices
    Serve to friends around

    Turn the heat on high
    And we'll reduce your blood
    Boil lil' Boyfriend
    With brandy and plums

  28. The last that I heard was boil your boyfriend

  29. Ryan: lets go, lemonhead!

    Me: send this man to jail. That was an obscure refrence

  30. Here's a fun game , scroll down and every time someone calls Monster "Lemon Demon" take a shot.

  31. 1:41 shouldnt have payed close attention to winter horrorland thats a sign that was horror

  32. You may love the songs and Everything but just wait till you see what happens when U lose

  33. does anyone just wanna watch this in 2021 bc of hes reacting of mother????

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