"SENPAI vs. MONIKA" Friday Night Funkin' Song (Animated Rap Battle) - fnf.cool

“SENPAI vs. MONIKA” Friday Night Funkin’ Song (Animated Rap Battle)

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Watch this epic FNF rap battle between two anime rap champions, Senpai and Monika!
Who will win? Find out in this Friday Night Funkin’ animated music video!

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Friday Night Funkin’ is made by ninjamuffin99 (programmer), PhantomArcade (animator), kawaisprite (musician), and evilsk8r (artist)

Vs. Monika Mod:

Remix Artist (High School Conflict + Your Demise): CelShader
Remix Artist (Bara no Yume): Kallionic
Composer (Dream of Roses): Diffraktor
Additional Music Help: Galactigal / Retro Gaming
Coding Help: ash237 / Lumitic / Zeexel
Vocals / Charting for Bonus song: Blantados
Bara no Yume Charting: Cval
Creator of Doki Doki Literature Club: Dan Salvato
Mod Thumbnail: foomf
Mod Video: J8khero
Vocal Remasters: Matt$

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  1. for like his first rap I don't think that's true Doki Doki miniature club was made before fnf came out out sorry that my grammar isn't too good

  2. Both Katie and Bronson did really well in this one. It ain't fair to choose who won.

  3. None of them wear them because I hate them

  4. Ok aenpia won his rap was slick had a ton of rhymes that fit in it

  5. Vân Trang 500k vào (timbantinh69.com) says:

    9:16 Biết em có tính lười nên anh cố giăng lưới tình

  6. Do noob vs among us

  7. Sorry player, but they were both very horrible

  8. Ez the one thats in this video wins

  9. Everyone said it's a tie I don't know what to say even more than a tie

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