SANGUINE SOUTH - Friday Night Funkin': Corruption (CLASSIC Remix) -

SANGUINE SOUTH – Friday Night Funkin’: Corruption (CLASSIC Remix)

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Friday Night Funkin’ by Ninjamuffin99, PhantomArcade, kawai sprite, and evilsk8rSanguine South by fluffyhairs (Me) and SimplyCrispy

Day 9 of the classic Friday Night Funkin tracks! Suuper excited about this one, since this was literally the first FNF song I ever made! Feels nice seeing how far we’ve come, huh 🙂

Every day, i’ll be releasing a new classic Friday Night Funkin’ Remix! This includes songs from mods like Whitty, Tabi, Tricky, and more! Stay tuned, and hope you enjoy the ride 🙂 This is not VS Sonic.exe V3, Encore Mod, or Vs Imposter V4. This is a remix of Sanguine South, from the Vs Corruption mod.


  1. Can you do a remix of one of the doki doki takeover songs or a bad ending song?

  2. Skid looks like Ink Sans and Nightmare Sans. I was confused.

  3. am I the only one who first thought this was ink sans and somewhat-corrupted veison error sans?only saw this because of the white scarf and the white eyes on skid face. with error, I saw the face(minus the teeth), and as well with the scarf

  4. When I first saw FNF Corruption from 2021 (from the Early Modding days, before full weeks are a thing), The mod's just a simple reskin of Gf's head from the Christmas Tree

    Surprisingly one of the Best Mods in 2021, AND the 1st Mod that changes the whole mod from the 3rd song of the week, CHILLER (I might be wrong, but that's in my Perspective)

    I remember that time that there's these random reskins about the Corruption until I saw PhantomFear's channel and I love the idea of it getting corrupted. Over the months of developing through youtube, The Man still updating it time to time o_O"
    Glad to see it getting improved each week tho :>

    Anyways, Love the Remix Remaster 😀

  5. Holy- this is gonna be the best one of the Christmas classic remixes, I just feel it.


  7. Thank you for letting me help you with the art!>:3

  8. …K, just saying, these songs are known to be bangers so…let's hope THIS one makes into the actual FNF corruption. That'd be so cool!


  10. This is not Corruption Mod.
    This is a remix from Vs Corruption Mod.

  11. Bro I genuinely loved this song, it’s sad how the corruption mod got outshined by all the Pibby junk, rly wish it would have gotten the sheer love and effort it deserved

  12. Last one's got to be vs shaggy.

    That mod revolutionized everything.

  13. Corruption mod definitely belongs to the list of classics. I’m excited for this. I hope this is a remix for Chiller.



  14. Considering I love the original Sanguine South, this one is gonna be epic!

  15. i hope the x-tale mod is included in these classic remixes

  16. I was NOT expecting corruption tbh, but, I'm not complaining, at all

  17. Ok im not the only one who thought that skid was ink sans for a minute right-

  18. I might actually be able to catch this on on premiere Edit: I made it to the premiere 😀 very good song 10/10 would listen again

  19. that was truly amazing…. i was so shocked when tricky appeared and saved the spooky kids so they could team on bf….. there were tears in my eyes as whitty begged sarv not to leave him

  20. This might just be my favorite Classic remix yet, it's absolutely fantastic!

  21. I love this remix, even tho the saturated bass at the start doesn't quite fit for the ambience of the mod, but the rest is perfect 10/10

  22. that was truly amazing…. i was so shocked when tricky appeared and saved the spooky kids so they could team on bf….. there were tears in my eyes as whitty begged sarv not to leave him

  23. ideas for next video:
    kapi, ayana, cg5, anders
    edit: nevermind it was holiday mod lmao

  24. i wonder if a shaggy song is gon be part of the daily classic remixes

  25. Oooooh that was very good! But hold on, where's the Chiller classic remix?

  26. When I saw a thumbnail, i thought it's gonna be Ink sans against the Corrupted "himself", but DAMN I WAS WRONG 🤯😎

  27. Me who thinks we need something for cyrix

  28. I genuinely thought that was sans in thumbnail lol

  29. Damn you took Sanguine South and made it 100x better than it already was

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