Roblox Friday Night Funkin... -

Roblox Friday Night Funkin…

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KREW plays Friday Night Funkin’ in Roblox!
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@Lunar Eclipse

The Original Friday Night Funkin Game!
Play the Game here ►

Roblox Basically FNF ►
Roblox Even More FNF ►

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  1. Krew:ITS HER SIDE
    5 mins later
    Funneh wins*

  2. Hey rainbow I don't like your glasses I like funnies because they are more prettier than yours

  3. Um what's it called the roblox one of the fnf

  4. Btw funneh I was born on October too girl!!!!!

  5. “Senpai” new album by Kat/Funneh and Allen/Draco

  6. Krew don’t like fanta be cuz they stupy

  7. What is the name of the game where they did the intro

  8. Funneh litterly saying guitar is better.
    Draco litterly saying boombox is better
    Me: it dosent matter anyway
    My mind: actually guitar maybe better.

  9. Rainbow say dad battle and why funneh say dance battle

  10. I wonder what funneh reacts when she play the hardest song in fnf? 🥰😁

  11. Can we appreciate lunar is wearing high heels (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)

  12. The lesson for today issssssss
    Krew can't make proper comebacks/insults and they just spit random unrelated stuff out

  13. Funny is true boyfriend from Friday night funkin

  14. Yo guys it's youre boy jackerisgod12 and today I'm going to play funky Friday and I'm gonna put the krew on funky Friday so PEACE and don't forget to subscribe to itsfunneh

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