Prey WITH LYRICS - Friday Night Funkin' VS Sonic.EXE Mod Cover -

Prey WITH LYRICS – Friday Night Funkin’ VS Sonic.EXE Mod Cover

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Get ready, my secret project… I’m about to make history.


Vocals: Juno
Lyrics, Art, Audio, Video: Juno
Game Footage: Mako Ouma ()

Original Composition: Armydillo ()

VS Sonic.EXE Development Team
RightBurstUltra – Owner/Artist:

Divide – Artist/Animator

Razencro – Animator/Video Editor/Programmer/Charting/Artist:

MarStarBro – Composer:

Comgaming_Nz – Artist:

Zekuta – Artist/Animator:

CryBit – Main Programming:

Vania – Composer:

UpTaunt – Composer:

Stankfield – Animator/Artist:

Madzilla – Charting/Vocals:

Echolocated – Charting:

JoeDoughBoi – Artist/Animator:

KubiCorg – Animator:

Erick Animations – Artist:

ScorchVx – Artist:

Rea – Artist/Animator:

Arthur/ADJ – Artist:

Ash – Coder:

GhostBunBun – Artist/Animator:

Squeak – Composer:

Jamangar – Composer:

Punkett – Composer/Charter:

Jacaris – Composer:

blueberry – Artist:

KadeDeveloper – for Kade Engine:

Download the original mod here:

Play Friday Night Funkin’:


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  1. Eggman have a Snickers your not you not you when your hungry

  2. Hey Juno if you reply can I use this for a stop motion please

  3. I like the hedgehog stew references embedded in the lyrics

  4. the suprising part is that starved eggman is smarter than the actual eggman.

  5. If tails was here he could of hel0ed sobic BECUASE TAILS IS OUT THERE

  6. Fun fact when sonic said the “just eat a snickers” is referring back to a alternate ending where sonic gave starved eggman a snickers and got eggman back and stop his rain of hunger

  7. i love the lyrics it looks like the real game in fnf rp! great work!❤

  8. the fact that furnace can't outrun sonic while chasing him but gets ahead of him and starved under the bridge while sonic is also running max speed

  9. i love how this metal sonic is practically a smoker

  10. So Many References…

    So Little Time…

    Don’t You Agree?

  11. My dude right here “running away from metal sonic” but he’s “furnace” but my dude right here sonic he is trying to survive my starved just gets em

  12. I like this a lot, but Sonic is too modern sounding. Sonic CD is classic Sonic game, so think of AOSTH Sonic. That'd be better for Sonic's personality in this song.

  13. this song would be so much better with hedgehog in it

    good song

  14. I read through a couple of these comments, how has no one mentioned hedgehog stew is an ITeachVader reference? cool reference and lyrics, truly a cultured fellow

  15. Yo imagine if starved was part of the chaos council in Prime
    He'd be that guy in the corner mumbling to himself that even the other eggmans are terrified of

  16. I liked it when Sonic referred to the HeroSandwich from Undertale

  17. 0.75x speed makes it sound creepy

  18. “You are young and arrogant, you style yourself a champion.”
    Why does that sound like something out of Naruto?

  19. Eggman forgot one thing.
    "You do know hedgehog quills are a choking hazard, right?"

  20. It’s cool how during his maniacal cackling you can hear his stomach rumbling. Cool extra!


  22. Can someone explain why eggman’s face is red? I know the lore but…what caused his face to turn red?

  23. This is incredible!! It's still creepy seeing as how Starved and then proceeded to , but the tone is incredible! It captures the snarky attitude Sonic usually always has along with Starved playing off of it with his food based puns. Then there's furnace, who despite having no real personality, plays off of Sonic's comments really well by analyzing the battle! Really, this song is incredible!

  24. My version (literally just a generic role swap au) I'm going to make some H U M A N S T E W

  25. I don’t think anyone has mentioned it but that preheating the oven for your doom line went SO HARD

  26. I like how, even though Eggman has got a ghastly appearance, Sonic still rolls his eyes at Eggman's generic villainly

  27. I didn’t realize that this was a exe until eggman showed up

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