Pink Food VS Yellow Food Challenge Mukbang - Friday Night Funkin' Animation Mukbang -

Pink Food VS Yellow Food Challenge Mukbang – Friday Night Funkin’ Animation Mukbang

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About FNF

Friday Night Funkin’ is a rhythm game in which the player must pass multiple “weeks”, each usually containing three songs.[note 1] Each week, the player typically faces a different opponent.

During gameplay, the opponent will sing a pattern of notes which the player must mirror by pressing the arrow keys or WASD. At the bottom of the screen is a bar indicating how well the player is doing. The left side of the bar is red, representing the opponent. The right side is green, representing the player. Successfully hitting notes will increase the size of the player’s bar, while missing notes causes the opponent’s bar to expand. The player fails if the opponent’s bar fills up the entire bar.

For each week, the player has the option to select one of three difficulties: Easy, Medium, and Hard. As difficulty increases, the speed of incoming arrows increases and the patterns of arrows become more complicated. The player’s high score for each week on each difficulty is tracked and shown in the top corner of the week selection screen.

The player can also play in “freeplay” mode, where the “week” structure is ignored and the player can play any individual song on its own.
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  1. 🐇💕🎹Comerciamjgui!ñ

  2. I remembered i watch this when i was a kid💀

  3. 축하합니다 당신은 외국인 댓글속에 묻혀있는 한국댓글을 찾읐셨습니다

  4. Wow your video is so be like:

  5. 反らしてのなかにあることはできない。

  6. Ruv never smiles so why did you make him smile.

  7. Ruv​ and​ sarv is​ for​ countryhumans​

  8. If your wondering why ruv smiles but not feels pain because that's not ruv is puv

  9. This video makes me want to gouge out my eyes

  10. I remember watching this vid in 2021 but I came back watching it again ❤

  11. How whitty eating like this but they not same😔

  12. Pls mama Imelda and héctor eating 🍗🌮🍖🌯🌯 nachos tamales

  13. They got placed in the wrong spot

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