PghLFilms Plays the Entirety of VS Impostor V4 in Friday Night Funkin' -

PghLFilms Plays the Entirety of VS Impostor V4 in Friday Night Funkin’

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Wow, a lot longer than it should. Bravo. Enjoy the video. 🙂

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  1. Me when I saw a swear word in the video: Ah god, here we go again

  2. Arvin Chowdhury Gameplay - Among Us Gameplay 👦 says:

    Hey PghLFilms! The Black Impostor is like Vielont just like Purple! But he is not black!

  3. Arvin Chowdhury Gameplay - Among Us Gameplay 👦 says:

    On 55:16: No PghLFilms! It's not White because in Among Us there is another white! So Black just killed white crewmate!

  4. Arvin Chowdhury Gameplay - Among Us Gameplay 👦 says:

    Yes I remember that PghLFilms! That is from FNF Impostor V3! On 56:40!

  5. Did anybody see green vote for himself in the emergency meeting in the first week

  6. Like I even played this like it was so hard. I might didn't made a YouTube channel of it but this was so hard. I mean my mom made a youtube channel what he does bags and stuff

  7. Or i should say. Corrupted angel as a impostor.

  8. Hint: double oof Is A long song just like triple trouble in the sonic.exe mod.

  9. Theres also a de-who-sion the differences of the normal who song and the de-who-sion song. Its apperantly a video of delusion but its who mashup.

  10. I just noticed but in tomogus Tuesday, Boyfriend is an impostor

  11. Quick question, 1st in meltdown did red win? well your probably saying @Kyle they report the body. But notice none of the crew mates are fixing reactor and the reactor is about 32-20 seconds. But the whole entire song is 2:34:11 we’ll at least I think it is. But yeah I think red actually won! And again its my opinion.I think a got the time wrong? But you know what I mean @Pjhlfilms

  12. Also the dude with the face is one of Ssunde squad

  13. I realized that there was a lag spike on black imposter and he still didn't miss

  14. When the imposters turn gigantic, its their real form aka a parasite

  15. You should play vs retrospecter and vs ace. Very underrated and very good

  16. Green looked like a cremate cuz he stole the items from the person he killed

  17. i swear black looks like he has broken his neck like infinity times

  18. Fun fact in the first animation: Red ate girlfriend's hand but she regained it.

  19. Little yellow sitting next to Yellow is just rolling

  20. can someone tell him stop complaining about a sound I can not hear?

  21. in 13:29 where everbody votes red they should make a song about everbody saying that 4 people are sus but the people are: 1 red 2 green 3 boyfriend 4 girlfriend and last of all… 5 black if you dont like my opinion that's ok but i will find your house tonight, thank you

  22. Good job on beating defeat with 0/0 misses

  23. My favorite songs are pinkwave, delusion, Lights out

  24. At 50:00 maid me ask my mum or sis"uhmm is white and black couple "BECAUSE IDK

  25. Whenever he plays this game, he always focused on the notes that glitch doesn’t because he is a try hard

  26. Damn PghLFilms your so good at fnf like your a god

  27. sonic fnf mod: cancelled

    mario mx: cancelled

    squidward suicide: cancelled

    A F*CKING JELLY BEAN WITH A GLASS: not cancelled


  29. How are so goid at fnf im a bit of a pro

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