NEW Roblox Doors ALL PHASES - Friday Night Funkin' (Roblox Doors) -

NEW Roblox Doors ALL PHASES – Friday Night Funkin’ (Roblox Doors)

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00:00 Phase 1
02:22 Phase 2
05:31 Phase 3
07:40 Phase 4
10:16 Phase 5
12:45 Phase 6
16:30 Outro

Outro Song
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  1. Only rushes and ambush is good because they are the originals,but some other people just came up with the other monsters and legit just stretched,seek is looking like rectangles

  2. right now boyfriend sings the song at the end of figure in the elevator 2:04

  3. I bet this guy 10,000 dollars that I wouldn’t give him cause he probably dosent know the characters names

  4. Extubers764 Roblox Vids (real life videos no more) says:

    eyes down arrow: DED

  5. Extubers764 Roblox Vids (real life videos no more) says:

    btw in screeches song I hear ded

  6. Extubers764 Roblox Vids (real life videos no more) says:


  7. omg phasde 3 is betst!!1!!1!!!!!1! bangr!111!!!!!

  8. WHAT. WAS. THAT. Said. If. Lights. Flicker. Ambush. Comes. If. What. is. That. Sound. If. gets. scared. Hides. in. closet. ambush. passsis. By. If. Frecks. Out

  9. Bf getting attacked by screech: WTF WAS THAT?!

  10. Fun fact ambush does not have a hitbox it’s called ray casting if it spots the player it attacks the player

  11. I get why they put 0 effort into screech. Because he is the most annoying entity

  12. How did boyfriend hide so long in the closet?

  13. I like how BF looks away from Eyes. Makes sense

  14. Eyes and screech why 😭

  15. (Me on figure) what in the world is tha… (figure) *I HEAR YOU (me) *gotta be quiet (figure) I FOUND YOU (me) AHHHHHHHH!

  16. This is why eyes is ugly bc No One looks at Him but except Rush and Ambush + seek and Figure

  17. Rush was great and screech was like a dude went on fnf playground and spammed boyfriends notes

  18. 😑😑😑😑😑😑😇😐😇😇😑😇😑😑😈😕😑😐😑😃😈😃😀😀😅😀😅😕😕😕😕😈😃😊😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😄😄😄😈😈😑

  19. Eyes has the bars bro. Best song i ever heard

  20. tbh phases 1, 2 and 6 are the only ones that sound at least decent.

  21. BF is dead when he saw ambush and like he is like always😱

  22. I hope this mod is just a work in progress, because the first 2 were actually good, and the rest is just low effort.

  23. i swear this is just getting worse and worse

  24. I love how phase 1 and 2 are genuine bangers and then the rest just go to shit 💀

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