MUKBANG vs Friday Night Funkin 8 (feat. Sky, Shaggy, Pop-it) -

MUKBANG vs Friday Night Funkin 8 (feat. Sky, Shaggy, Pop-it)

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Music Provided by 음악팀 (TeamMusicCreative)
Track : Wedding Dream –

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  1. ??? 원래 걸프랑 보프 스카이 안무서워하는데? 스카이는 보프공격아예안하고

  2. Lemon demon: use phone and don't care everyone scare
    And final: lemon demon and sky turn into the wendy's food

  3. 1:26 그와중에 다들 레몬데몬 언급을 안해주셔 레몬데몬 콜라가 됐어요!!!!!!!


  5. Tricky eating inf cookie that he will never stop legend says he can’t stop eating

  6. I love how tricky doesn’t give a danm about what sky and shaggy are doing. He just wants his Cookies right now.

  7. Deped know what is this video and i got sick i'm

  8. シャギーのスーツ姿…かっこよすぎる

  9. 1:45 섀기모드 하면서 겁나 어려워 친구랑 같이했다는설 표현한건가?

  10. Gjjggggfvffffxffggffyycyftsftaqqjudhcgijesg1🧓🏻🍟🍗 Yeah friend do you want do I do

  11. ยุพาภรณ์ ตะน่าน says:

    What tricky

  12. *Meanwhile tricky*
    Tricky: This is fine! *Proceeds to eat his cookies*

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