Monochrome PERISH MIX WITH LYRICS DX (Remastered) - Friday Night Funkin': Hypno's Lullaby (v2) Cover -

Monochrome PERISH MIX WITH LYRICS DX (Remastered) – Friday Night Funkin’: Hypno’s Lullaby (v2) Cover

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I ‘ M D E A D

⚠️WARNING⚠️ Contains disturbing imagery and screamers. Viewer discretion is advised. Detailed content warning in video. If you do not wish to see/hear the screamers, please click the link here:


Gold: Juno
Lyrics, Art, Audio, Video: Juno
Game Footage: Jloor ()
Original Composition: SimplyCrispy ()

Friday Night Funkin’: Lullaby developed by Banbuds ()
Friday Night Funkin’ developed by ninjamuffin99, Phantom Arcade

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  1. My favorite part is when bf goes “bep bopebo bep bo bop bop beeeeeee” that hit hard idk why tho 😂

  2. My favorite part was how you used almost all the Pokemon games in there and bro 2:25 to 3:36 HIT HARD!!!!!

  3. Happy 1st anniversary to this absolute banger

  4. I have loved this song since my brother showed me it❤❤

  5. The music and lyrics are very good, so the channel owner let me carry Lost Silver to my house (because he's so cute) =))

  6. Oh God you can see the protagonists names at the part that gold stays at the frobt looking at you

  7. Man I miss when fnf was in their prime 2020-2023 until
    Skibidi toilet fnf
    Digital circus fnf
    Evil mrbeast

  8. Ah yes I very much needed to see bf’s vocals

  9. Still a banger in 2024🔥🔥🔥🔥🗣🗣🗣

  10. Since it's LOST Silver he never mentions his game or maybe I'm just not reading right

  11. what religious people think what atheists feel like:

  12. LYRICS:
    so you you've rizzed to sigma
    so you say you've edged skibidi
    so you think you need not kai cenat
    that its end would be ligma baller

  13. Got some counter lyrics for ya. 3:22

    Champions rise up in the end,
    The sun and moon will dawn again,
    Oh, Swords and Shields with shine like new,
    The legends will still live!
    Scarlet love and Violet hope are all that remain in the resilient children broken from the future's chains.

  14. All that art at the end was really funny. Hilda especially.

  15. Honestly juno does so much and makes great music

  16. Is there anywhere i can look at the art separately without having to pause the video?

  17. Bro i need just the part in 3:24 to 4:17. That part SLAPS!
    Edit: Also i sang this entire song to ai characters in character ai so many times i know all the lyrics.

  18. Hi, I hope you notice me, do the silly Billy one please, thank you

  19. “All men die” got me rolling on the floor

  20. Here is what he is saying So you risen up to glory so you say you etched up your story so you think you need not worry that it’s end would end up gory your achievements all your foes defeating fade to dust within an moment fleeting won’t know when deaths reaping til that fateful meeting I am dead I have been long dead the one who climbed the apex of two regions stained with red you who battled gods and demons clawing for the gold alone will someday soon face down your doom your life will fade to monochrome you could be there gazing down from up on high time marches on you will someday fall forgotten from the sky all men die hear the clock run down from the count of three it’s song before you perish fear it’s melody the way of fate claims all who walk upon this world conquered legends faced two champions saved the world from rising shadows what was the reward for blood and sweat shed for those REACHING TO GOD just one moment gone so fast it lingers heroes fall rent down to shreds and swallowed by a dark oblivions maw winds of change blow ever on erasing all you have done until the ash is gone and future generations will forget the deeds YOU HAVE DONE in the visions one of the rubies sapphires promising the light even brilliant diamonds shining pearls will drain away to black and white so you think your story’s different so you hear but will not listen know that when your life has fizzled all that gold no longer Glistens your achievements all the songs your singing drowned by funerary knells a ringing as the dust to which your clinging crumbles thinning

  21. Me after entering my dads bathroom [he used it 1 second before i went in]

  22. HI HEY HELLO HOLA I AM SHINTO!!!!!!!! =]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

  23. lyrics:

    press read more to see

    I'M DEAD

    So you've risen up to glory
    So you say you've etched your story
    So you think you need not worry
    That its end would end up gory

    Your achievements, all your foes defeating
    Fade to dust within a moment fleeting
    Won't know when death's reaping
    'Til that fateful meeting

    I'M DEAD

    I have been long dead
    The one who climbed the apex of two regions
    Stained with red

    You who battled gods and demons
    Clawing for the gold alone
    Will someday soon
    Face down your doom
    Your life will fade to monochrome
    You could be there
    Gazing down from up on high
    Time marchеs on;
    You will someday fall forgotten from the sky
    All mеn die

    Hear the clock run down
    From the count of three
    Its song before you perish
    Fear its melody

    The way of fate claims all who walk upon this world

    Conquered legends, faced two champions
    Saved the world from rising shadows
    What was the reward for blood and sweat shed by those

    Just one moment
    Gone so fast, it lingers
    Heroes fall, rent down to shreds
    And swallowed by a dark oblivion's maw

    I'M DEAD

    Winds of change blow ever on
    Erasing all you've done until the ash is gone
    And future generations will forget the deeds
    In the visions
    Of the rubies, sapphires
    Promising the light
    Even brilliant diamonds, shining pearls
    Will drain away to black-and-white
    So you think your story's different
    So you hear, but will not listen
    Know that when your life has fizzled
    All that's gold no longer glistens

    Your achievements, all the songs you're singing
    Drowned by funerary knells a-ringing
    As the dust to which you're clinging
    Crumbles, thinning


    What can we do when our lives fade?
    Legacies beyond our control
    As wheels of time bring our decay

    Foolish pride begat our fall
    Bearers of torches
    That long burned away
    No trace at all

    Histories hung by the strings
    Of a present
    That defies the lessons of the past

    Those passed
    They say "be remembered"
    Memories all twist and shatter
    They won't recognize
    Who you were
    What matters never lasts


    Champions crossed off, split in twain
    The sun and moon will dim and wane
    Oh, swords and shields will rust away
    All legends shall be slain
    Scarlet blood and violet flesh
    Are all that remain
    Of the valiant children
    Doomed to hang in future's chains

    All stories twist
    An illusion of heroes in vain!

    There's nothing that lies at the end
    Those who mourn and honor you
    Will join you hand-in-hand
    Friends and partners
    Loved ones, foes
    All crumbled one-by-one
    Waves of nil and sands of time
    Erode them 'til it's done

    And yet you fight on
    Knowing every trace of you
    Will be gone?
    It's too late for me
    To rage against the dying light
    But for stubborn ones like you
    Perhaps there's purpose in your fight…
    There's stories left to write
    So go not silent in the night!

  24. 2:36 JESUS CHRIST

  25. I liked how he mentioned every pokemon game so far except for legends arcues

  26. How do you make lyrics this good HOW

  27. I'm fan boying here but i LOVE how you uesd mostly all Pokemon titles and mix them in the story gold is singing. It really makes me feel hopeless like gold

  28. Even if you included from RubyーSapphire to ScarletーViolet in lylics, your lylics make sence.
    It is very great! I love this video and this song!

    Sorry, I'm not good at English
    because I'm Japanese.
    Can Juno understand my English?

  29. i love how most of these songs just end up witht he enemy trying to help boyfriend near the end.

  30. The unown around Gold's floating head spell out "NO HOPE"

  31. What funny thingy did he see to say "I'm dead 💀"? I need to see it, SHOW US THE MEMES

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