Madness (OST Version) - Madness: Friday Night Funkin' (Tricky Mod) -

Madness (OST Version) – Madness: Friday Night Funkin’ (Tricky Mod)

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Music: Madness (OST Version)
Composer: Rozebud
Platform: PC

Abandon all hope, ye who read the channel description.


  1. sometimes i get scared of the FNF community knowing on what its capable of

  2. i love how the fire notes have the nightmare particles on them

  3. The sheer amount of hollow knight love this season nourishes my tormented soul, rendered cold and black from waiting for silksong for so long

  4. i can't wait for mossbag to make a lore video about this

  5. The Pale King, after using Hallownest's entire GDP on buzzsaws: "What do you MEAN this isn't the right kind of shred"

  6. Ah I see, so it’s vs Sunday’s rendition of Madness

  7. I have been brainstorming a Grimm mod for months now, (that probably wont come out ever) and this was so cool to see

  8. 😀 this is amazing, the losing icon is adorable and it works so well!

    Also godseeker in the BG is adorable

  9. holy damn
    didnt know nightmare king grimm made BANGERS!

  10. Literally two of my favorite video game pieces together

  11. Can we get a radiance for hellclown

    Just kidding i never force silva to make rips, this is months ago anyways

  12. Hollow Knight content on Siivagunner… but at what cost?

  13. i remember when tricky was hollow and wore knight armour, good times


    y e s

  15. Madness sounds a bit different than how I remembered it

  16. I love that Grimm’s losing icon is what he does if you attack him when he bows

  17. If I were to have a hollow knight spin off this would be it.

  18. was not expecting hollow knight. and i knew this was a silvagunner video. wow

  19. Holy crap someone needs to make a full Hollow Knight mod with these sprites this is beautiful.
    Also love how Godseeker is watching, like this is taking place in a Pantheon.

  20. This had better be a mod by now

  21. despiste how hard fnf mods may seem i don't think they're anything compared to beating the entire pantheon of hallownest

  22. this might be the only time a rip gets demoted from [song name] to [song name (version)]

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