Jebus, Tricky & Scrapeface mod in Friday Night Madness | Friday Night Funkin' -

Jebus, Tricky & Scrapeface mod in Friday Night Madness | Friday Night Funkin’

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Welcome back to Friday Night Funkin’. Playing the brand new demo for an upcoming fanmade Madness Combat fnf mod called Friday Night Madness! 2k Likes!? Enjoy!

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  1. There is an original mod demo for scrapeface

  2. there is suppose to be cutscenes in that Madness mod .. it might be that Pico does not have cutscenes but BF had! maybe you can come back to beat jebus and see those cutscenes!

    also press ALT to change cursor!

  3. Play with. D, F, J, K IS EASIER

  4. wow, so nice to see you not playing vs retrospecter!

    play it cmon!

  5. The Scrapface one is awesome, the design, the mechanics and the songs are the best from all the scrapfaces mods

  6. You pick pincoand it mabe the cutcee not play
    You have to play bf

  7. "Jebus" pozdrawiam Polaków czytających to bo po naszemu to słowo ma trochę inne znaczenie XD

  8. All these Madness mods that have been coming out recently have been really good especially the music

  9. Oh no that wasn’t the killer is on the killer zombies the killer grandson mean

  10. when are you gonna continue the madness project nexus classic????

  11. Hey Madness combat project nexus 2 is out on steam you should play it!

  12. Hey Vapor could you please play the Vs Dave and Bambi mod?

  13. Fun fact there is a game where Pico accident goes into the madness universe

  14. It was in fact not Tricky that slapped your screen during Anger of God, it was a zombified Agent

  15. I don’t know why but I like scrap face For some reason I just don’t know

  16. "Does he always have a gun?"

    This is madness combat we're talking about

  17. That wasn't tricky who jumpscares you it was infected agent

  18. Shirtless sanford and deimos in the back lol

  19. Vapor Just say u need be boyfriend for the cutscence and stuff and u did the secret on week 1 jebus

  20. This mod should'nt be underrated

  21. Even though this wasn't a mod for specifically jebus alone, This slapped like all hell

  22. That was just a regular zombie that punched the screen

  23. That's not tricky….. That's a zombie agent

  24. Why does the guy in the green shirt and is ginger sound kinda like a frog

  25. English gamer: i must win on Hard mode!
    Russian gamer: turns on Normal mode
    English gamer: 🗿

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