Intruder At Birth - Friday Night Funkin' [FULL SONG] (1 HOUR) -

Intruder At Birth – Friday Night Funkin’ [FULL SONG] (1 HOUR)

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Friday Night Funkin’ – Funked Birth


Mod/Creators/Artists/Sprites – Funked Birth

Funked Birth:

LuisF – Artist/Animator/Director:

SoyAndryu – Co-Director:

Ketch Arts – Artist/Animator:

Wox – Artist/Animator:

Hey Mega – Composer:

Samu_Music – Composer:

Farsy – Charter:

Vayront67 – Charter:

._.XD – Chromatic Maker:

AllyChiquita – Artist:

Epic_Carlos – Artist:

zogistra – Coder:


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Este contenido esta progamado para disfrutar y no esta con fines de mal usar o enviar odio ni mucho menos toxicidad a los creadores y artistas del mod, tratare con el mayor respeto posible solo compartir las obras de arte de los mods de Friday Night Funkin’, espero que disfruten la música de los mods que les traigo al canal y que gracias a los que siempre estan apoyandome dia a dia, en verdad gracias ♡


This content is programmed to enjoy and is not for the purpose of misusing or sending hate, much less toxicity to the creators and artists of the mod, I will treat with the greatest possible respect only to share the works of art of the Friday Night Funkin ‘mods, I hope you enjoy the music of the mods that I bring you to the channel and that thanks to those who are always supporting me every day, thank you really. ♡


Flippy playing the mod:
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Channel of Flippy:
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