Impostor Original Vs Remastered Vs Evil Vs Zer0 - Friday Night Funkin' -

Impostor Original Vs Remastered Vs Evil Vs Zer0 – Friday Night Funkin’

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Impostor Original Vs Remastered Vs Evil Vs Zer0 – Friday Night Funkin’

Vs Impostor:

Evil Impostor:

Impostor Reanimated Skin:

Impostor Zer0 Skin:


  1. ranking the 4 versions:

    1. Original
    2. Evil
    3. Zer0
    4. Remastered

  2. On evil can’t the imposter leave the game lol

  3. The remaster version is the first remaster i think is better than the original

  4. ummmmm isn't gf supossed to be corrupted instead of normal?

  5. There is one imposter Among us
    And he’s hiding
    You might wonder “where?”
    But he is hiding in FNF
    If you want him to be free
    You need to beat him
    If you don’t
    You get stabbed
    He is hiding from the other crew mates
    He doesn’t want to get voted out
    The only game he could find to hide
    Was Friday night funkin
    So he made his own level
    And joined
    now if you ever see this imposter
    You either want to run or fight
    It’s your choice :’)

  6. The guy who complains about among us
    Haha among us go corrupt corrupt…

  7. The that really is the remastered it is ugly

  8. imagine calling a mod remastered even though it looks worse

  9. In my opinion, the remastered is more of a downgrade. Anyone else agree?

  10. When the impostor hits Left in Remastered his airbag is gone

  11. The “original” is already a remaster 💀

  12. My thoughts on them all (my opinion, you can share yours in the reply section, just please don’t argue
    Original: 9/10 Reason: pretty dang good could be a slightly better, but still, it’s SICK
    Remastered: 3/10 Reason: almost all remasters suck, this one has a cleaner animation, but the looks of it now, they SUCK
    Evil/corruption: 2/10 literally just a reskin, that’s it, even the ICON looks bad
    Zer0: 6/10 pretty cool, it’s like a slighter better looking version of the “but bad” mod, I like it
    Thanks for listening to my FUNK talk

  13. It's not called evil it's called corruption not evil…OKAY

  14. But in the real among us the impostor is not corrupted

  15. The skin for the remastered ain't even good

  16. If the remasterd is only have an head with original,its perfect then

  17. Wow Among us Player V.S MF mod 🎤 Original is good

  18. เป็นแต่ภาษาอังกฤษยังไง

  19. i predder original cuz the remastred is wierd lookin

  20. Isn't the impostor already evil and stuff? What's the point of making a corrupted impostor?



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