Impostor Original Vs Remastered Vs Evil Vs Zer0 - Friday Night Funkin' -

Impostor Original Vs Remastered Vs Evil Vs Zer0 – Friday Night Funkin’

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Impostor Original Vs Remastered Vs Evil Vs Zer0 – Friday Night Funkin’

Vs Impostor:

Evil Impostor:

Impostor Reanimated Skin:

Impostor Zer0 Skin:


  1. At the evil one Girlfriend should be corrupted too

  2. There is a original more than that for that I'm not subscribeing

  3. remastered looks very stupid zer0 looks batter than remastered

  4. Omg susy dude killed hell boy frend😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  5. I Love the Zer0 because the imposter has a red mic

  6. The week should have been called week SUS

  7. Wow nice to see the same thing on four screens

  8. I just got an ad about the mod in the last phase before this video

  9. ꧁☕︎𝓓𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓶☕︎꧂ says:


    Yes it won't get out ur head 😉

    Ha ha

  10. Original: looks cool, has shading an animations are ok

    Remaster: looks worse but animations are way better and the mouth isn't broken anymore

    Corrupted: no

    Zero: almost no detail and looks like an fnf but bad mod but atleast the animations are ok

  11. remastered looks worse then the original

  12. I like the remaster. Is like impostor fun sized

  13. el inpostor acabo con la corrupcion lo q no iso pico

  14. Evil: so am I the smallest one here?!?
    Remastered: you sure about that mate?

  15. Remaster is cheap for 1$ budget also I got remasters 🙂🔫

  16. this is not a REMASTER!
    REMASTER must be better than Original!

  17. how evil girlfriend boyfriend evil | boyfriend evil and girlfriend

  18. Why are ppl making remasters of mods if they are going to look worse

  19. The remaster imposter look so weird his head looks like it's flat

  20. Ok hopefully someone out there likes corrupted

  21. The remaster one is more litlle the the ones

  22. Note: the original has two songs it’s i. the among us style so the remastered is probbally the second remaster so you put in the middle but include the actual original (also it doesn’t have that screen thing at the begginging

  23. 0:36 "slobak" is actually a russian word which means a weak person
    oh and also it must've been "slabak"

  24. man the remastered looks like it hit his head with a wall wat de faq

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