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I made a Steven Universe Friday Night Funkin’ Mod in Under 12 Hours: “My Monster”

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SO! I couldn’t take it anymore. I NEEDED to make a Steven Universe mod… AND I NEEDED TO MAKE IT NOW! So I spent all morning from 12 am to now! It’s a short song and It honestly came out way different from how I pictured it initially… but this was fun for my FIRST Steven Universe mod! I think people should be making more SU mods. I miss the aesthetic alot!

Also the amazing background art was done by my new pal Mike, give him a follow, he’s crazy talented!

Also HighPoweredKeyz made the Steven Chromatic!!

Also if you’re curious about context, this takes place between the original series and the movie. It’s based on an AU me and a group of CC friends came up with! Shout out to Bone, Mike, Lea, Kev, and etc cause they indirectly helped this mod get made lol!

Now once this premieres… I’mma eat… Then sleep lmao.

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  1. cool plus i like steven universe

  2. hey i wanted i'm show on cell phone please 😌


  4. LYRICS:
    Well, this is it, better make it quick and fast and don-3 qui4k.

    Corruption, that’s it, you’ve hurt my friends including my dad. Whatever you want, come get yourself, and don’t do this. My friends are everything dude.

    Pearl and Amethyst were always a bit unlike but they can do it. Garnet the one and only fought her hardest to just fall down again. AGHH. Get out corruption.



    Corruption, just stop this now, now. I’ve been taken from already. There is nothing left but me. And my anger

    Please, just end, this suffering from happening!!! And i’m gonna say goodbye!!!


  5. this needs to be a playable mod omg-

  6. I keep replaying this vid! Such a good mod and I love the song:D

  7. Suggestion: make now a effortless mod or don't try while making the mod

  8. srsly tho once dr. maheswaran announced that Steven had PTSD I felt like everyone noticed everything ffrom the past

  9. Is this a spoiler or fanmade of steven universe series?

  10. Jakeneutron pls make a mod where someone chases you while singing and the song and chart is really hard

  11. You guys know how in that one episode of Steven universe future when Steven turned into that monster he said I’m a monster so if that monster was pibby Side he would be unstoppable basically

  12. I Need The Song Background Please

  13. My opinion of the forms behind Steven: 1st form: Glowing Steven, 2nd form:Gem Steven, and final 3rd form: Corrupted kaiju Steven

  14. This is extremely Impressive! But also, we need to get serious therapy for our boy

  15. This is extremely Impressive! But also, we need to get serious therapy for our boy

  16. Steven universe has a savior complex which means he spend his whole life trying to fix everyone problems but he didn’t have time to figure who he wants to be and how to accept help when he need it

  17. I think his glitched monster trying to get him glitched

  18. XxG:RxX

  19. What a coinky doink that Steven when corrupted and in his pink form has the same pointy teeth…

  20. I like how the first shadow represents pink Steven, the second shadow is diamond Steven and the last shadow is obviously monster Steven.

  21. Alternate title:
    3 Steven looking Alternates from the Mandela Catalogue taunting Steven about his past trauma.

  22. Every time this more sad thing happens to you steven?

  23. I know everything maybe pink diamond is controlling steven when it's now the future and i know this is that she's actually controlling steven what's make steven
    as a monster

  24. Also the design of steven monster form is cool

  25. Guys, I could just imagine a Friday night funkin mod where you rap battle against characters from Cartoon Network.
    My top characters for this mod are:
    Steven universe
    Finn and jake
    Mordecai and rigby
    Bugs bunny
    Fred flintstone
    And Craig from Craig and the creek
    I call this fnf mod: Friday night funkin Cartoon Network legends.
    Plus the characters are NOT corrupted from the pibby glitch.

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