How to stop friday night funkin from crashing. (winter update!) -

How to stop friday night funkin from crashing. (winter update!)

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if you don’t have a external drive or nothing works search up on YouTube on how to defrag your drives, defrag every drive you have. uninstall the files, defrag the drive then reinstall the opposing bit type you installed in the first place.
uninstall everything
defrag/optimize your hard drive (use your phone and search up how on yt)
download winrar
download fnf and when you open it winrar should pop up on its own
set path (if you have external drive)
extract with win rar
right click the funkin file in regular files application and run as admin


  1. I play on linux with legit 13 gigs of storage because of this dual system failure. Fml

  2. everys talkin abt their trash pcs but did anyone notice THIS? 0:07

  3. My game just crashes whenever i try to play week 2

  4. you guys are lucky i cant even get into the game the loading screen freezes for me at 74% all the time

  5. My game goes smooth in windows 7 but, it haves black squares and i installed like 5 mods and stills

  6. Week 0-5 don’t work on my Mac, only week 6 works

  7. Thank you so much❤️ I was about to give up on ever playing this game again but this really helped❤️ again, a HUGE thank you and hope you have an amazing day

  8. it did not help and the mods also crash

  9. bruh for me it just lags not crashes it lags like oh i opened the game it lags before it works every stage i go it LAGS

  10. ◥ᥬ メイド・イン・オハイオᬊ​᭄◤ says:

    how to extract to an external drive

  11. everytime i open fnf, it crashes in a random time in the loading

  12. My only problem is getting kicked when I finish 1 song hope this works!

  13. my pc gets blue screemed everytime i start a week, help pls

  14. This didn't help me.

    Probably because im trying to develop a mod and i changed the icon grid.

    I don't know what to do about this.

    Please help

  15. How does this work without an external hard drive

  16. Can anyone help me, when i enter some fnf weeks my game freezes, after that my screen is frozen on fnf and i still can play the week but i cant see what I'm doing

  17. bruh my game after first lose turning background into black square secind lose = crash

  18. This isn't my problem exactly. The game refuses to start at all for me.. And then when I extract the Zip file the EXE file for the game will auto delete itself.

    Does anyone know a fix for this?

  19. My man so your telling me my 32x bit shitty pc that frl can hold fnf 60 fps ur telling me to delete it and reinstall 64? U outta ya mind

  20. What if I had a 32 space flash f
    Drive do I put the 32 bit fnf or the 64 bit fnf in?

  21. I think you should mention that 64bit version will CAUSE crashes, not fix them, on a 32bit computer.

  22. This always happens to me when i download a mod. It will open but if i try to play a song or week, it crashes

  23. i was gonna play then its not loading then crashes

  24. This was exactly why I used to play it on LFNF test on roblox

  25. every thing in kade and fnf is working except it freezes on the first frame while loading
    how to i fix this

  26. May i ask? I have a problem with FNF it doesnt show the weeks and can you remove the fps cap?

  27. Im on the vs impostor v3 when i go in any week, it crashes. If i do it on free play, it works???

  28. Why is this such a problem? I mean, I don't have the best PC in the world but you'd think it would be able to run such a small file. I can play XB360 games on here with very little problems. Why would such a simple game like this give me so many issues?

  29. It just crashes for me on week 4. And I’m on a Mac, can you make a video on how to fix it?

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