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High (JP Version) – Friday Night Funkin’

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Music: High (JP Version)
Composer: Kawai Sprite
Platform: PC

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  1. What the hell I was just binging the FNF playlist and you drop this on my plate??

  2. Guess we're back to the 3 songs every friday schedule which is a nice change! Keep it up, even though I don't know this one
    Edit: Well we got five songs in total, 2 mods, and 3 ogs. I doubt this will continue but thanks!
    Edit 2: It did continue which is cool, but something terrible that should not be spoken of

  3. Whatever this is, that is getting in my playlist.

  4. I feel like I haven’t seen the original FNF weeks and sprites in a while with all of the mods and such lol… is nice

  5. Can someone tell me what this is I’m getting a headache cuz this is so familiar but idk

  6. I have no idea what the reference is but I still like it lmao

  7. What the hell is in the left bottom thing?

  8. 24h later, I still haven't summoned Ayaha & Otoha. 🙁 Up to 110 wyrmsigils right now…

  9. The song is 24h by Daoko, and is from the nintendo/cygames mobile game Dragalia Lost

  10. Source: 24h by Daoki, from the Nintendo/Cygames game "Dragalia Lost" on mobile

  11. Haven’t seen any FNF rips in a while. Does anyone know the joke?

  12. Oh my god … It's so beautiful. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~

  13. The hell is with the playlist link?

  14. No idea what song it is, but it sounds nice! Good job.

  15. holy shit more dragalia lost/daoko jokes?
    joke: 24h ft. kamiyamayoh

  16. Man, I love this song so much, I could listen to this for 24h – DAOKO

  17. Nothing makes me more happy than 5 fnf mods in a row

  18. Nice one 😀

    Though, am I the only one who sees the opportunity of making High look like a Super Castlevania IV song still flutter in the wind? >.>

  19. I don’t get the joke, but still, this is high quality!

  20. We have reached the point where vanilla FNF feels nostalgic.

  21. Yoo Dragalia Daoko music, and the banger song from Valentines event no less, nice

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