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High – Friday Night Funkin’ OST

Kawai Sprite
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Composed by Kawai Sprite:
From the game “Friday Night Funkin'”
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  1. This is only the most calm and peacful music that we heard.

  2. This is by far the best Friday Night Funkin' OST by a mile

  3. Just found the osts and my day just got 1000x better 😭💕💕

  4. This is my favorite song in the whole game

  5. This is my most favorite part in atou mod 0:34

    i hate you haters

  6. Boyfriend and Girlfriend finally get together, but then Senpai come and try to steal Girlfriend. Stupid Senpai🤬🤬🤬

  7. I like how every week has its own vibe to it ( the mom’s is the hottest)

  8. Sadly, this song is really overshadowed by M.I.L.F

  9. Wow I really like this game but the fando-🔫🙂

  10. This tune is stuck in my head at the point I would Play on the piano

  11. Is it just me or I'm the only one that likes the little chime at the end of the song.

  12. You literally HAVE to listen on 1.2 speed

  13. if you hear bf's side right,then you can hear tsuraran's bf

  14. I really love this one. It has like a special feeling and magic to it.

  15. ya but i kinda like Satin Panties better :(:

  16. I feel like the mom doesn't care about bf dating gf, and just wants to make music.

    While also doing better than her husband.

  17. i was getting goose =bumps throughout the whole song together with the rest of the songs.lol anyone else?

  18. Is it just me or bf and mommy mearest singing at 1:21 just sound ✨PERFECT✨

  19. This is definitely one of my favourite songs in the game! it’s so calming which makes it feel like boyfriend and mummy dearest get along more, and are singing for fun unlike daddy dearest. Keep up the good work!!

  20. The real reason the Dad married her ❤️

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