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[FULL SERIES] Matt vs Boyfriend Boxing Fight (Friday Night Funkin’ Animation)

Chino’s Animated
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The full “Matt vs Boyfriend Boxing Fight” series put together without my interruptive speeches with simple chapters in the scroll bar.

Fan-made Matt Boxing Mod:

(Original Mod) Wii Funkin (vs Matt) Mod:

Matt Wiik 3 Mod:

Credits to:

CritVA (Voice of Matt):

“Wii Funkin vs Matt Mod” for FNF X Matt and songs concept
The fan-made WiiK 3 Mod for Matt’s boxing outfit and songs concept
“Friday Night Funkin” for the “Friday Night Funkin” concept
“Nintendo Wii Sports” for the “Wii Sports” and “Matt” concept

Songs used in order:

Part 1 songs:
“Boxing Match”:

Part 2 songs:
“Sporting Instrumental – Slowed Down”: (I made the pitch higher in my video)
“Boxing Match Insrumental”:

Part 3 songs:
“Boxing Match Insrumental”:
“King Hit”:
Wii Sports “Tennis Results”:

0:00 Intro
0:33 Fight
4:29 Cutscene
4:39 Fight (part 2)
6:33 Cutscene
9:22 Short Fight (part 3)
9:58 Cutscene
12:57 Final Fight
15:59 Ending Cutscene
#FridayNightFunkinanimation #FNFMattMod
#WiiK2 #Wiik3

Animation Software: Adobe Animate CC
Editing Software: Filmora9 / Adobe Premier Pro
Drawing tablet: Ugee M708 graphics tab


  1. it is impossible to play this mod, it is very difficult and unfair

  2. This is reallly good I want be like Matt😃😃

  3. HA ! I liked my own comment because i know no one else will

  4. 13:04 when I am in a fight with someone
    Good Ending:he forgot to block
    5 hours later:jail sucks

  5. I how boyfriend copys Matt's powers and uses it against him

  6. like how matt said uno dous thress quatro

  7. Lhclahohapcpuyqoohchool osoufosuhgoahohwcogaooaof lalabhfowogfoohqooglgdhowghh

  8. 1:40 my brother beating me in smash 1:45 me when i play as isabelle 2:17 uh oh my brother got the smash ball 2:24 it was the fake one

  9. 13:44 Nice lil detail I noticed, Bf uses two hands while he's blocking but Matt only uses one, really nails the fact that Matt is a pro at this while BF is still a bit of a newbie

  10. This is the best animation I already see

  11. Если бы каждый боксёр получал стенд, то я бы стал боксёром

  12. u worked so hard for this and I really like it a lot I like how Boyfriend Didnt Give up, Giving up is'nt a key tho

  13. The boyfriend's soul is very similar to Jotaro's stardust style

  14. Was that last song real or you made it yourself (animation was great btw)

  15. There's no way are using stands💀😭😭💀💀 I gotta try this game legit

  16. Matt
    About skill:
    Matt use his own aura to increase damage by scaring the enemies off
    Special skill:white attack(to ending)
    About:matt doubling his aura and increasing damage double and changing the glove to white because the speed of light,and making his aura hard to summoned.

    About:bf use his skill from the sound he made,causing a aura able to spotted because of the sound
    Special skill:lightning power
    Bf can't use this to fight because able to make him lose instantly because a thousand of power launched from his body making an explosion in his hand,so instead he use the skill to deflect any damage.(and for aesthetic)
    But by his determination there a slightly chance to using this skill
    2.self healing
    About:bf using his sound to make his heart beat faster and pump more blood to injuries and making the blood to healing faster because one by one his blood curing the injuries

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