Friday Night Funkin - Winter Horrorland -

Friday Night Funkin – Winter Horrorland

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Not made by me.
Music by BassetFilms.
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  1. How long until Kawai actually puts this in the album, along with the Week 6 songs and Monster?

  2. Now, I know the lyric is "stuff you with spices", but I'm still hearing "succulent spices" and something about that just seems funnier to me.

  3. its hard to believe this aint a lemon demon reference

  4. definatley myfav song in game, then dad battle, then milf the, pico

  5. its funny because 'serve to friends around' is the mcdonalds chime

  6. Why is "BURN HER FINGER NAILS" my favorite part. Maybe its the way he says it 1:11

  7. How does one take a piece of someone's rabies?

  8. Watchin' At The Stinkin Soccer

  9. Instructions unclear, went to jail for murder and cannibalism

  10. is it only me or am I the only 1 who's really enjoying lemon demon's songs?-

  11. His name isnt boyfriend. It isn't keith. It isn't evan.

    Its Broyfriend.

  12. POV. lemon demon: IMA GO EAT A MAN. POV boyfriend: beep op skeep

  13. lemon demon: litterally talking about how hes going to eat girlfriend
    boyfriend: beep boop

  14. 0:21
    My favourite part honestly.
    Say what you will, the singing voice is nice to listen to.

  15. (2:09)

    Boyfriend: Bee Bo Bé bee bop.

    English translation: “Alright, that’s enough.”

  16. this is wahts kepeing me form crying i love lem so mcuh!!!!!!!!!

  17. This is a Christmas villain song if I’ve ever heard one and its amazing 9/10 for me

  18. Such a banger. What a shame it's from a game that's a unoriginal, copying, lazy, piece of sh-

  19. This is like the opposite of Bubble Tea. Bubble Tea is sweet nothings while this is casual threats. I love both types of songs, but I just wanted to appreciate the feel of this kind of song because it's new to me. Casual threats are just as calming as sweet nothings songs.

  20. Monster: cooks boyfriend and girlfriend
    Gordon Ramsay: delicious. finally, some good f*cking food.

  21. This sounds like the old "daddy discord" video from mlp fandom

  22. Lemon Demon, my Favourite Character of this Game

  23. Idk What Everyones Deal Is
    My Mans Just Being A Gentleman, And Asking If He Could Take There Coats Of And Hang Em Up For Them.
    He's Also Wants Them To Help Him Cook, Whata Chad.

  24. Is it just me or at 0:30 i heard laughing on the left side of my headphones.

  25. His name is Monster y'all dumbasses

    He also isn't a real lemon, his head is just shaped and colored like one. 😀

  26. wait lemon demon does not do any thing in the song so he could be nice :0

  27. This Lemon Demon sure has some culinary expertise. I'll go talk to him for cooking tips!

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