Friday Night Funkin' - Vs Whitty Bonus Week (Back Alley Blitz) - Hard Difficulty + Dialogue -

Friday Night Funkin’ – Vs Whitty Bonus Week (Back Alley Blitz) – Hard Difficulty + Dialogue

Marius Urucu
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Made by Sock.clip (artist and song composer), Nate Anim8 (Note charter, secondary animator and play tester) and KadeDeveloper (coder)

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I love this mod. Can I even call it a mod? From the cool character design, to the inclusion of cutscenes and the boping soundtrack, especially the 3rd song, I love it, it’s chaos in its purest form. It really feels like an official Friday Night Funkin’ week.

Featured songs are Lo-Fight, Overhead and Ballistic (or how I like to call it, Arthritis with a Vengeance).

0:00 Intro
0:33 Lo-Fight w/ Cutscene
3:07 Overhead w/ Cutscene
5:40 Ballistic (aka Arthritis with a Vengeance)

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  1. If whitty dosent appeared in fnf then im sure that I didn't know fnf for decades now

  2. WHAAAAAAT misses 117 😮🤐😍

  3. do you wish to proceed to destroy child
    clicks yes

  4. Молодец сам прошол без бота

  5. When Whitty is in the Ballistic mode, he reminds me of Midnight Form Lycanroc.

  6. 3:21 get the heck away from here 2001dc!

    Wait he is going to go ballistic which means an air raid but on land

  7. T-REX Toprak Tiky KüpveArkadaşları GodzillaveWW says:


  8. T-REX Toprak Tiky KüpveArkadaşları GodzillaveWW says:


  9. When whitty rage screams that's me when I step on a lego

  10. Fun fact: because BF is 2ft tall, whitty is actually only around 4-5 feet tall

  11. 6:11 The 3rd song, Ballistic, took me 15 retries to beat it. Just I was about to give up and bump it down to Normal, I managed to beat it and just stood there in awe once it was over. I did that. Kinda hard to believe considering the fact that when I first started FNF, I was really bad (I had trouble even on Normal Difficulty, let alone Hard), yet here I am… playing this madness of a song.

    This was played on a laptop keyboard BTW.

  12. Екатерина Макаревич says:


  13. this was my first video from Friday Night funkin😄

  14. Whitty was the first ever fnf thing i ever saw. Its what got me into the fandom

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