Friday Night Funkin' VS The Walten Files FULL WEEK + Cutscenes (FNF Mod) (The Funkin Files/Horror) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS The Walten Files FULL WEEK + Cutscenes (FNF Mod) (The Funkin Files/Horror)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS The Walten Files (FULL WEEK) for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD, but this time we battle the scary Animatronics in The Walten Files.
Froakii – Director:

The Walten Files is a horror series of VHS animated tapes, similar to that of Squimpus Mcgrimpus or Local58. It’s inspired by Five Nights at Freddys so you might see some similarities. Its story just as good as FNAF 1 and Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach storywise and I can’t wait until The Walten Files 4 comes out. (I have disabled the miss sound effect so the music will play out perfectly) My favorite song here is Mortality.

VS The Walten Files | The Funkin’ Files (GHASTLY RELOCATION UPDATE) Download:

Game Note by Dev: What if The Walten Files and Friday Night Funkin’ were connected? Introducing a new mod that combines the Walten Files’ story and Friday Night Funkin’s gameplay to create a new experience. Please do keep in mind that this mod is still being worked on, so anything could be changed in future updates.

The Walten Files is an animated series on YouTube created by Martin Walls. Three episodes have been created so far, with two non canon episodes, hidden episodes, and a trailer. It can be found on Martin Walls channel.

What this FNF Mod is based on:
1) The Walten Files 1 – Company Introductory Tape:

2) The Walten Files 2 – Relocate Project:

3) The Walten Files 3 – BunnyFarm:

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS The Walten Files Full Week Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Preview + Game Over Animation
01:09 Intro
01:18 Title Screen
01:26 Menu
01:38 All Weeks
02:00 Animation 1 (Prologue)
02:25 Quantum Song (GF vs BF)
03:57 Animation 2
04:40 Protocol Song (Bon vs BF)
06:51 Animation 3
08:04 Sleepover Song (Bon vs BF)
10:17 Something is wrong
10:50 Animation 4
11:48 Caution Song (Brian Stells vs BF)
12:48 Coughing
12:59 What was that thing?!
13:03 Animatronic Bon Joins In
14:18 Animation 5
15:26 Relocation Song (Bon vs BF)
17:37 Animation 6
18:04 Starving Song (Banny vs BF)
19:26 Creepy Scare
19:50 Epic Voice of Banny
20:12 BF/GF Caged Up
21:07 Animation 7
22:36 Mangled Song (Sha vs BF)
24:05 Turning into a human
24:21 Rosemary Walten Cries
24:42 Here’s Bon, You’re Beautiful
24:51 Animatronic Sha
25:44 Animation 8
26:25 Blunder Song (Ashly Parks vs BF)
27:36 AHH! Animatronic Billy Appears!
28:26 Animatronic Bon Joins In
29:53 Animation 9
30:37 Stranger Song (Pumpkin Rabbit vs BF)
32:40 Animation 10
33:53 Boogeyman Song (Pumpkin Rabbit vs BF w/ Sleeping GF)
35:25 BF Revive GF
35:55 Animation 11
36:31 Lies Song (The Sad Ghost vs BF)
37:44 Why are you 2 singing?
38:23 Animatronic Sad Ghost
39:21 Animation 12
40:01 Ripple Song (The Jolly Ghost vs BF)
41:18 Creepy Laugh + Jolly Transformation
42:21 Animation 13
43:45 Mortality Song (Mortality vs BF | Final Battle)
45:16 Suprise!
45:27 Demon GF Helps BF!
45:50 Lol, get a load of this Nutcracker
46:51 Freeplay – Song List
47:09 Sleepover REMIX Song
50:03 Something wrong again
50:54 Caution REMIX Song
52:03 What was that thing?! again
54:05 The happy face icon beside song = Pico
54:20 Protocol Song (Pico)
56:46 Sleepover Song (Pico)
59:46 Caution Song (Pico)
01:02:10 Follow my steps to access secret & press 7
01:02:17 Lucky You Secret Song (vs Lucky Snowbear)
01:04:04 Memories
01:05:25 Marketable Plushie (Bon Plush vs BF Plushie)
01:07:10 Minutos Secret Song (Tulio vs Juan Carlos)
01:08:52 Cant win this song
01:09:12 Remember Secret Song (Vs Rocket)
01:11:36 Rendezvous Secret Song (vs Sophie Walten)
01:14:07 Repurpose Secret Song (Bon vs BF)
01:16:15 Roots Secret Song (Bon vs BF)
01:17:14 Carrot GF Joins In
01:18:17 Spin Secret Song (?? vs Bon)
01:21:55 Ursidae Secret Song (vs Johnny Bear)
01:23:51 All Character Selection Voices
01:25:39 Gallery
01:26:30 Secret Gallery
01:27:00 Credits
01:27:46 Pause Menu
01:28:06 All Game Over Animations
01:31:02 1 More Song +Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS The Walten Files below
VS The Walten Files (+ Cutscenes) Mod Download link:

The Funkin’ Files Official Twitter:

Check Timestamp for credits, I’m out of text limit.

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k (2022)
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  1. I never really was into walten files or know that much about it but this mod is amazing!

  2. How Cannon and perfect do u want this to be the creater: YES

  3. Para los que no entienden, el creador de The Walten Files también creó la Creepypastas de 31 Minutos "La Muerte de Tulio Triviño"

  4. I never watched the Walten Files, and this already seems interesting. But at the same time, I'm scared to watch it.

  5. "What is this place and how does it fit inside my house"
    There's a thing called logic

  6. remember when 1 hour long mods were completely unheard of?

  7. The mod:Walten files
    What it's already become:BF getting random people killed

  8. I love how good this mod is, but wow did they make the walten files a bit more terrifying

  9. I really like this series I might just install fnf just to play this mod

  10. That fact that it says "beautiful" instead of "sick" when you hit a note just right is an amazing touch

  11. Rendezous is Mandela catalogue momebt

  12. they is automatically one of my favorite fnf mods.

  13. Wow this is longer than wed inf pt 2

  14. CAN THE GAME ALSO MAKE TAPE 3??????!!!!!!!???!?!!??!?!!?

  15. all i know about this mod it is a FNF mod of a FNaF VHS tape video called The Walten Files

  16. This is the first fnf to actually creep me out

  17. heya! director here,

    thank you so much for playing the mod, we’ve worked on this for a long time and we hope it was worth the wait 🙂

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