Friday Night Funkin': VS Pibby Family Guy High Effort FULL WEEK [Darkness Takeover/FNF Pibby Mod] -

Friday Night Funkin’: VS Pibby Family Guy High Effort FULL WEEK [Darkness Takeover/FNF Pibby Mod]

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00:00 Preview
00:14 Intro & Menu
00:28 A Family Guy Song
4:10 Rotten Family Song
6:51 Airborne Song
10:34 Outro

The darkness is spreading, rapidly, and it has made its way into a show called “Family Guy.” BF is also pulled into this world and must survive alongside familiar allies to ensure his s̶u̸r̷v̷i̸v̸a̶l̵. Will he survive? or will he get c̸̪͠ö̵͖́r̴̟̀r̶̙̄u̶̗̓p̸̥͛t̶̹́e̵̜̅d̵͚̆ like the others? The choice is up to you…

Darkness Takeover: High-Effort Family Guy [Demo]
Created by Team Glit¢h Studio
Crotheon – Director, Lead Animator, Charter, and Coder
Banditage – Co-Director and Charter
HayseedHere – Main Composer
HotRacer652 – Charter
Dul – Animator and Logo Artist
SonicTonic400_YT – Promo Artist, Mechanic Ideas, and Trailer Maker
KING Z – Coder and Additional Animator
Dusttrust – Icon Artist
Mr. Revenchik – Original Pibby Family Guy Concept Artist
Dev – Concept Artist
King Daniel – Concept Artist
MiniSymba – Additional Coder


  1. Shivers down my spine and in my soul 🥲🥲

  2. The part when glen was glitching out at him kinda sounded like they were roasting each other

  3. The good thing is Peter is not dumb because he knows that every is in danger of the corruption


  5. 4:23 did anyone notice A:brian says hey stewie B:The rabbit in the photo

  6. how did peter dk that and i love the dead pose

  7. I love this mod it’s scary,good music,and pibby

  8. But only thing I wanna know is….
    Who's flying the plane?


  10. You can really hear the pain in stewies voice

  11. I was happy when Peter is uncorrupted and help Stewie

  12. This mod is so nice, Also Quagmire he looks hella scary

  13. I love how you can also here Quagmire's "giggity" in the Airbone song. This Pibby Mod is pretty much my favorite Pibby mod out of all of them, quality of the songs and mod just perfect.

  14. I hear the youngest said Disgo in rooting facility

  15. Idk if it’s me but it sounds like quagmire is saying “Cleveland is my friend” ( 8:008:06)

  16. Man family guy gets yeeted out the corruption and fights with little guy

  17. I love this so much- I feel like meg would be like the final 1 because yk every1 hates meg?? No? Just me? ok.

  18. “Lois remember that one time I escaped the glitch”

  19. This thing was so easy well I don't have that I played nightmare Fnf and pibby

  20. Bro I just realized that Stewie teleported instead of getting slashed like I thought

  21. I love how Stewie teleported before Lois swiped him

  22. Bro this is very off topic but stewie is a baby but still gets more women and men than any of us EVEN A DOG/BRIAN

  23. Noticed something. He has his teddy rubert 🐻🐻🧸🧸🧸

  24. i still wanna know what happend after airborne like did they escape or get corrupted

  25. If you pause at the right time you can see Quagmire shocked looking at the corruption getting him

  26. La parte donde piter Griffin sale del glich me encanta😇

  27. If I was there I would have been bandodoodoodododododododoodod

  28. Before Brian’s part started he said “hey Stewie” 4:24

  29. this is just proof that men live longer than wemon

  30. I feel like peter escaped the corruption becausw of stewie. He saw that his baby was alone afraid and defenceless, and that gave peter enough determination to escape and protect him

  31. why Glenn no immune if she is immune to every other disease somehow

  32. I like how during the second song, you can practically hear them speaking. Creepy

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