Friday Night Funkin' VS Oswald Halloween Update | Last Straw Song (FNF Mod/Hard) (Mickey Mouse Bro) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Oswald Halloween Update | Last Straw Song (FNF Mod/Hard) (Mickey Mouse Bro)

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Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Oswald (FULL WEEK) V1.1 for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD, but this time we battle Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Halloween update, mod by Jakeneutron. The full demo now has Last Straw

Jakeneutron – Lead Animator, Composer, & Director of Vs Oswald:

jGlazey – Assistant Animator:

Charter Mathesu:

Charter N O M I E – Background Artist :

Shadowfi – Programming Advice:

Based on… this: :

In Epic Mickey Oswald and Mickey Mouse are related as half brothers, but not in the cartoon. Oswald is a forgotten Disney Character, but when Epic Mickey first came he ended up gaining a bit of popularity but then went forgotten again. Oswald was the first cartoon character to be forgotten and inhabit Wasteland. Oswald dislikes Mickey for stealing the popularity that he felt he deserved. Oswald tries to make Wasteland a better place for forgotten characters, especially his “bunny children” and his wife Ortensia.

BF and GF think they’re rap battling Animaniacs and then thought it was Mickey Mouse.

Game Note: Lucky! Rabbit! That lucky Oswald Rabbit has finally got his own FNF mod! Well at least a demo of one! Join Oswald on his journey to prove his worthy of the spotlight!

New Menu Music & Art!
One New Playable Song (With an Extended Version for HARD mode!)!
Dialogue and Dialogue Sprites for Oswald!

It’s Short and Sweet for now!

But who’s next…?

Jakeneutron – Creator of the Oswald mod:

Oswald Download

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS Oswald Full Week Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Oswald Animation (Game Over)
00:07 How many remaster do you think he has?
00:21 Oswald Intro / Menu
00:41 Song List
00:45 Last Straw (Pipecleaner Spinel vs Oswald)
00:48 Hello?
02:53 AHHHHH!
03:15 What the freak!
03:27 Miss Animations and Game Over
03:34 Cutscenes Dialogue 1
06:33 Rabbit’s Luck Song (Oswald vs Boyfriend)
07:36 Old Timey?!
07:56 I’m not that old!
08:15 How’s that for an old head? Ending
08:25 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS Oswald The Lucky Rabbit below
VS Oswald FULL WEEK (Cutscenes!) Mod Download link:

Jakeneutron – Creator of the Oswald mod:

Shadow Mario – Psych Engine:

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k (2021)
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  1. Idk what he said I think it was what the f!ck or frick

  2. Oswald Is just seeing the dark from the void. He see a pink thing also.

  3. 8 months later I noticed.
    Spinels down pose is a face

  4. I love how Oswald has Different emotions during the mods it's so awesome i wish i could get the mod but i don't know how to 😔

  5. well I have to get my hair done and I’m I like it

  6. Oswald honey You're like 95 years old so yeah that means that you are old. Just because you don't age physically doesn't mean that you are still young sorry.

  7. Plot twist: this Oswald’s long lost sister that got sent to the shadow realm by sans and she speaks revenge on sans and when Oswald land in the shadow realm she thought Oswald was sans

  8. a nose no habló idioma takutaku

  9. я один слушую эту песню в 2022?

  10. Oswald was challenging spinel in pipecleaner laungage and was seen as foe for spinel.

  11. Oswald is a rare character now and I’m kind of upset about that. I started playing epic Mickey when I was around 5. And just seeing Oswald I was all like “he’s super cool!” So I became a collector. Seeing you play this game and mod, just makes me love Oswald even more!

  12. when i died i came back as this 🌪🌪🌩🌩☁️🌨🌨💨💨⛈⛈🌧🌧🌊🌊🌫🌫🌫/water sign

  13. The fact that the cutscene is literally almost the whole video in seconds

  14. ~•HiIStoleYourChainsaw•~(on 1 month break) says:

    When i turned on capctions at the IM.NOT.THAT.OLD!!
    Turns to

  15. When Oswald is doing his like down arrow animation it looks like he’s trying to figure what type of shoes those are

  16. Oswald vs Mokey in this mod make me install fnf

  17. what was the pink thingy the way she look like💀

  18. Can we appreciate how horrifying spinel is 😃

  19. Oswald: what the fu..
    Tony stark: language

  20. I actually knew about Oswald almost my entire life and never forgotten about him. Also when he melts in the death screen, that's an Epic Mickey reference where when you die in that game, you splash into a puddle of paint but you can call Oswald to save you or you can save Oswald until you just soak into nothing – Edit: when he rips his leg off on the idle, that's also a reference to Epic Mickey where sometimes when you go afk and he's standing there his idle animation is him ripping his leg off and kissing it. Btw, he's made of paint so he can't die or injure himself like that. You die by a substance called "thinner" which melts paint and that's pretty much the only way you can kill people in that game and also melt the earth. There's two ways you play the game, either save the world by painting in all the holes in the world, or melt the entire world and become evil.

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