Friday Night Funkin vs. GREG HEFFLEY Mod | Animation -

Friday Night Funkin vs. GREG HEFFLEY Mod | Animation

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Greg Heffley Mod Animation | FNF

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  1. His voice seems off from what I would imagine

  2. In the OG mod of this, Girlfriend lost a few brain cells I think.

  3. It’d be funny if the HD version was a look alike of the actor who played him in the movie.

  4. They should have cutscenes after his sons and to introduce his whole family who does a song to

  5. This makes up for all the cringe, it looks like the actual diary of the wimpy kid series.

  6. Sadly i never readed a wimpy day tho it would look fun to read lol

  7. Yo mama! Your slap happy grand pappy! Im serious they used those two phrases for the vocals LMAO

  8. Bruh there is already a mod but its fine I guess

    EDIT: also the notes aren't even appearing and the bar isn't even moving either

  9. Tuesday

    After school ended, and Rowley went to his house, some kid walked up to me and asked for a rap battle.
    I replied with yes, because I wanted to practice.
    It was fun, and after the kid went into MY HOUSE.
    He’s gonna have to deal with Frank, I guess.

  10. To many up notes we know Greg is to lazy to straighten his back like that

  11. God the books were one of the best parts of my life

  12. If you look closely, Greg’s neck has always been missing

  13. I really grew up loving this unlucky boy it is one of the most amazing and fun book collections I have ever read before!
    And seeing him in my favorite music game is something that makes me really happy and grateful with who created this!

  14. first its diary of a wimpy kid next its percy jackson

  15. I love Greg’s voice it reminds me of a Green Day song

  16. Ah yes,a mod based of the books whare everyone (except rowley)are douchebags (specialy greg)

  17. I don’t think there’s enough credit towards the original animator for the mod in this.

  18. (This is to continue the comment that’s 2 coments below me plz don’t pin me)
    Friday:2 facts about the blue haired kid 1 his name is boy friend (it’s actually his name literally)and 2 he fallows me wereever I go
    Sunday:remember wait I said yesterday it’s true he can to my house and battled my dad he was pists that he came over because he didn’t want boy friend to ruin his mini battle field so my dad rap battled him boyfriend won again why is my family and friend like this.
    Monday: I found out that I’m a mod it doesn’t mean I’m not real when the person made the mod I gess we just got sucked in somehow I decided to use this to my advantage I met some other mods and we agreed to somehow beat him.
    Tuesday:we’re losing I gess we should jus- wait the other mods are battling eathother ugh. Sonic showed up al of the crowed was run well I gess I tenicly beat him the other mod reaterned to there own mods.
    Wenesday:well at school that anosed the person who beat the blue haired kid… this is Greg 15 seconds after. ok jokes aside RODRICK SOMEHOW WON aperintly he paid the blue haired kid to act like rodrick lost when rodrick won ugh maybe nexed time. The end

  19. I wonder what this would look like in the movie..

  20. Sorry man but I don’t like this don’t get me wrong the animation was smooth I just don’t like they way how bf looks

  21. Lyrics: Greg: I was nice and made wimpy with a twist I don’t know what Greg: confusion is consuming me with these books all day so Greg: why are you here I don’t know pull up pull up pull up pull up Greg: can you go pls I’m begging you pls do it it Greg: high day the trees are blowing up i don’t know why ok? Greg: away I go in winter cold shirts don’t ask why k? Greg: last chance I’ve been telling you to go away go away or else I’m calling the police right now k? Greg: go away nerd pls days are passing by Greg: GO GO GO NOW ITS COMEING NERD Greg: away you go nerd I’m killing ya go go go go so go now now so bye iii Me: end

  22. tbh i feel like the camera would be more focused on greg cus hes the “main character”

  23. I hope bf does look like that because the other one it’s just the same with a different smile and white.

  24. I hear sans. That's not a good thing……

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