Friday Night Funkin' VS Five Nights At Freddy's | Hypno's Lullaby: FNaF Mix (FNF Mod/Chica/Foxy) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Five Nights At Freddy’s | Hypno’s Lullaby: FNaF Mix (FNF Mod/Chica/Foxy)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Five Nights At Freddy’s | Hypno’s Lullaby: FNaF Mix for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD, but this time we battle Freddy Fazbear, Toy Bonnie, Glamrock chica, Foxy, Mangle, Balloon Boy, Roxanne + Extras. Mod made by: Pouria_SFMs:

This is basically an FNaF mix of Hypno’s Lullaby V2 songs, all covers, but in some songs, you can hear song references to Five Nights At Freddy’s themes for example in death toll song you can hear TLT Leitmotif. In other songs, the dialogue got changed to match the FNAF characters’ personalities. Boyfriend & Pico are still in the mod, but Girlfriend is nowhere to be seen, maybe BF & Pico is looking for GF.

Vs. Five Nights At Freddy’s | Hypno’s Lullaby: FNaF Mix Mod Download:

Psych Engine (Put FNaF Mix in mod folder of psych engine)


Game Note: After doing nonstop working for 2 months, Hypno’s lullaby FNaF Mix is finally here!
I worked really hard on this project, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it!

Features Characters from:
Five Nights at Freddy’s 1
FNaF 2
Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach
And so much more!

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS Hypno’s Lullaby: FNaF Mix Full Week Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Small Message / Animation & Song Preview
00:38 Title Screen
00:46 Insert Gameboy Color Cartridge (FNaF Lullaby)
00:51 1) Safety Lullaby (Afton Vs Charlotte)
03:21 2) Left Unchecked (Nightmare Mangle Vs Crying Child)
06:28 3) Lost Cause (Freddy & Gregory)
06:54 Blob Appears
09:34 Jumpscare
09:38 4) Frostbite (Big Bad Foxy w/ Chica VS Freddy Frostbear)
11:05 Summons Frostbite Balloon Boy
12:45 5) Insomnia (Nightmare BB w/ Music Man aka Spider Animatronic Vs Afton)
17:41 6) Monochrome (Withered Golden Freddy Vs Jeremy Fitzgerald)
20:05 IT’S ME! (Best Part)
22:00 7) Missingno (Glitchtrap Vs Princess)
22:43 I’m Back!
23:06 Haha
25:31 8) Brimstone (Gregory VS Burntrap)
27:05 Roxy
27:28 Chica
27:41 Freddy
28:30 Gets Hacked
28:55 Monty
29:56 Scary Vanny
31:58 9) Amusia (Shadow Bonnie VS Toy Bonnie)
32:43 Stage Transition
32:56 Smiles at You
33:04 Camera Changes place
34:44 Jumpscare Ending
35:26 10) Dissension (Michael VS Ennard)
36:16 Flashbacks
37:19 Round 2?
38:34 11) Purin (XOR Vs Pico)
39:11 XOR sings
40:44 Reserve time
41:57 12) Death Toll (Afton VS Henry w/ Fredbear)
43:39 Don’t keep the Devil waiting
43:52 Turning Human
44:21 Turns Fully Human
45:03 Burned
45:10 13) Isotope (Boyfriend Vs Glitchtrap)
45:28 Dialogue 1
46:36 Join Me!
47:39 Dialogue 2
48:34 14) Bygone Purpose (Young Michael Afton / Feels Regret)
50:18 Family Photo
50:38 The crying child’s ghost appears (Evan)
52:17 15) Pasta Night (BB VS Withered Foxy Vs Mangle)
55:00 16) Shinto (FredPlush Vs Crying Child)
58:12 Scary teeth
58:16 17) Shitno (Nightmare Fredbear Vs Crying Child)
58:51 He appears
01:01:04 Turns into Nightmare
01:02:15 Made it to 6am!
01:02:30 All Pause Menus
01:03:36 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS Hypno’s Lullaby: FNaF Mix & Mid Song Cutscenes below:
Pouria_SFMs – Owner ,Coder , Artist and all:

Other Credit:
Penove (Death toll Remix, Golden Freddy, Vanny, Shadow Bonnie, Glitchtrap and Mangle Chromatics)

SourceAnimaker (Lullaby Pico model)

KaiEManaTouch (Gregory and Monty Chromatic)

BingoBalls (Nightmare Fredbear Chromatic)
Beph (Golden Freddy, Amusia and pasta night icons)
1UpCartoons (Crying Child Chromatic)

Funkin at Freddy’s (Afton chromatic)

XpsxExp (Purin Psych port)
Laztrix’s Lullaby Port (some stuff)
J-Gems (Glitchtrap Voicelines)

Lullaby musicians :
Adam McHummus


Nimbus Cumulus




Get the game and support the creators of the game:

Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Ass Game:

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k (2023)
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  1. just fine it's nice to listen tojust fine it's nice to listen to

  2. Yo can one of you identify the animatronics in the background in frostbite for me please

  3. At the family photo part it’s Greg Roderick from diary of a wimpy kid pol

  4. Golden Freddy vocals are fuckin awful.
    Shadow Bonnie vocals for Missingno are underwhelming.

    This mod is visually pleasing but good grief it needs better vocals.

  5. I LOVE THE IDEA FOR DEATH TOLL BUT FREDBEAR IS THE BELL THING (i forgot what that pokémon was called) AND HENRY AS THAT CREEPY GUY (i forgot what his name was) I LOVE IT

  6. Shadow bonnie's real name is actually rwqfsfasxc (look it up)

  7. in fredbear plushes voice, if you listen closely, you can hear shadow freddy

  8. Ngl, Golden Freddy sounds like a guitar here and I love it.

  9. "You can't escape Charlotte, this is a canon event!"

  10. Monochrome is so funny,golden Freddys dance is going to be 2023 new fornite dance.

  11. When the its me didnt close its mouth i got super frustrated

  12. I try downloading it but it won't show the game

  13. at 22:37 the princess's voice sounded like skid and pump

  14. William by Charlotte wen he is not singen lock at his face.

  15. I like when Gregory fights Roxy and I think that’s glitchtrap?

  16. In my opinion this might be better than the original mod.

  17. Thought for wither foxy in pasta night he needs to speak up more

  18. Ya know, the problem with making covers for Hypno's Lullaby songs is that the scenarios are too specific.

    What other game has a character that sings a lullaby to some kid then turns to a horrid abomination a few minutes later.

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