Friday Night Funkin' VS Crystal 2.1 | Sonic, Agoti, Tricky, Maggie, Ron & More (FNF Mod/Remixes) HD -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Crystal 2.1 | Sonic, Agoti, Tricky, Maggie, Ron & More (FNF Mod/Remixes) HD

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Crystal 2.1 | Sonic, Agoti, Tricky, Maggie, Ron & More for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. This is a mod by Keno9988ii:

Crystal 2.0 Remixes, but this time a bunch of classic characters is crystallized. Sonic from sonic the hedgehog series, Agoti from entity / A.G.O.T.I., Tricky from madness combat, Maggie, Ron from Literally every fnf mod ever (Vs Bob’s Onslaught), C. Lord, Ace from Vs Ace & in RetroSpecter 1.7, Onek, T, and Valerie have their own crystal design and remixes. This remix mod gives every single part of the game a nice coat of paint. From the characters to the backgrounds. Including new remixes and charts for every song in the game.

I’ll only be playing the new songs since I’ve already played Week 1-6 nearly a year ago. Everyone here is using their Crystal Remix outfits and their own song are remixed. As of now the mod only has 31 songs in total. (I always remove the missed sound effect before playing the mods to have the music play out perfectly) There’s also other music I’ll play like the game over screens and menu. If you love D sides remix, B3 Remix, Neo Remix, Monster Remixes, & Hellbeats then you’re going to love the Crystal 2.1 Side. I’ll be playing Hard difficulty for all Crystal 2.1 bonus songs.

Friday Night Funkin’ Crystal 2.1 Remixes Download link here:

This mod has:
– 31 remixes
– New UI
– New Redesigned
– New Backgrounds
– New Characters

All Songs from FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN: Crystal 2.1 Full Week Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Game Over Animation
00:27 Title Screen
00:37 All Menu Arts
01:02 All Weeks (New Art)
01:18 All Songs
01:40 Sonicool / Sonic Cool Song (Sonic vs BF)
04:34 Voidslave Song (Agoti vs BF)
07:03 Maddening Song (Tricky vs BF)
09:41 Bivalve Song (Valerie VS BF)
10:28 Transformation
12:28 Check-Up Song (T vs BF)
15:22 Ebin Song (Ron vs BF)
17:34 Kamexmas Song (Ace vs BF)
19:48 Rekt Song (C. Lord vs VS BF)
20:40 Beta BF
21:18 Chef BF
22:00 Mean BF
22:55 Maggie and Onek Info
23:10 Thump Thump Song (Maggie vs Onek)
24:53 Dark Mode
25:39 Onek In Tears
26:17 Tutorial Song | Old (GF vs BF)
26:44 Chef GF vs Chef BF
27:14 Tutorial Song 2 | New (Proto GF vs Beta BF)
28:22 Tutorial Song 3 | New (Smug GF vs Mean BF)
29:32 Eggnog Song | All Christmas Skins (Daddy Dearest & Mommy Mearest vs GF & BF)
29:54 Proto GF & Beta BF
30:18 Smug GF & Mean BF
30:42 Chef GF & Chef BF
31:09 All Pixel Designs & Game Over Animations
32:19 All Other Game Over Animations
34:30 Credit
34:38 All Menu Art
34:55 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for Monday Dusk Monolith Remixes Mod below
VS FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN: Crystal REMIXES (+ Cutscenes) Mod Download link:

Keno9988ii – Artist, Musician, Charter:

HyperSAM – Programmer:

Yoshubs – Noteskin Assistance/Forever Engine:

codist – Dialogue Assistance/Forever Engine:

gedehari – Forever Engine:

Nebula_Zorua – Forever Engine:

haya3217 – Forever Engine:

ninja_muffin99 – Programmer:

PhantomArcade3K – Art:

kawaisprite – Musician:

evilsk8r – art:

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Ass Game:
Friday Night Funkin’ – WEEK 7 All Tankman Game Over Screens:

Friday Night Funkin’ Pico’s School Edition

All The New Leaks For The Week 8 Update:

Friday Night Funkin’ Online, BF Sings Unloaded vs (UberKids Challenge/Pico’s School)

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Mickey Mouse – Wednesday’s Infidelity Part 2 FULL Week

Friday Night Funkin’ B-Side Redux VS Week 7 Tankman, Daddy Dearest, Skid & Pump

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Antipathy Hank V1 FULL Week + Tricky

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Flippy Flipped Out V1 FULL WEEK + Cutscenes

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k HD (2021)
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  1. and I thought that it was never going to be update but im glad this mod is updated

    fnf crystal is the biggest mod with more files (I think)

  2. Smug GF is like mean BF's mother that caught mean BF scamming kids on boblox


  4. 4:41
    How much would you rate this song?(I'll rate it 10 out of 10)

  5. the jiggle physics, they're everywhere!!!

    jokes and simping aside, i like how i immediately recognized the ron reference, this mod gave me so many flashbacks damn

  6. Voidslave sounds like that one sonic sound

  7. Wow cool never heard of this mod but it looks cool!

  8. Fwjxwkejeckce Kfwkj2f3fj3ff3j Myles Fletchers'alt says:

    Maggie? Oh god

  9. Ebin is a genuine bop, thank you for showing me this masterpiece

  10. You didn't know the two other ones cause you never played the mod 4chan /v/

  11. sonicool was def the best, i rlly wanna see more of him

  12. Proto GF – Rose Quartz
    Beta BF – Ruby
    Smug GF and Mean BF – Topaz

  13. i hope everyone knows this was created by a person who is a RAICST 😁😁

  14. I wonder if someone could say every element from every characther here

  15. This is actualy the fisrt than didnt get cancelled in V2 lol.

  16. 12:28

    Um… It's a 4chan mod so controversial comes with the territory…

  17. Sadly Agoti, BF doesn't want to dance. Maybe in another update…

  18. Мені з усього цього мода, сподобався лишень Аготі, й те він виглядає як бутто його не годують, але мод реально заслуговує більше уваги, мод крутий!

  19. at 24:25 it sounds like an animal crossing villager is signing ngl

    but honestly the mod is really good

  20. Maggie Is Mommy Material!!! 23:10 Maggie Make Those Hips Go Thump Thump
    VoidSlave (Agoti 4:34)

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