Friday Night Funkin Vs Corrupted Twilight Sparkle/ Dusk till dawn optimization android gama baja -

Friday Night Funkin Vs Corrupted Twilight Sparkle/ Dusk till dawn optimization android gama baja

Misha21220 [GD]
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Pony pibby

Mod opti:
Tutorial when psych engine error:
Psych engine opti link:
Psych engine port by: @Saw (M.A. Jigsaw) and @Sirox
Mod gamejolt:
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  1. Можно вопрос Как установить мод?

  2. ей плиз зделай тутор как скачать именно мод бо порт я скачал

  3. hey bro, can i convert it to apk? give credits. please ^^

  4. Oye es gama baja ya que no me dejó jugar y la imagen the Twilight Mod Bueno me metí en la uit me sacaba por favor encuentra el problema :[

  5. Que genial bro este mod es el que yo quería me encanta eres un karck

  6. No hay un tutorial de como instalarlo ,no me llevo bn con los archivos zip :v

  7. Bro tienes una versión optimizada? no se optimizar XD

  8. I know how to install it, but must have zachiver to be able to, have to download more fnf psych engine to install it bye

  9. bfgrennfan #antibadabun #antichemmstox says:

    Es una estafa porque apk se ve sin graficos altos es una estafa no le crean al wey ese

  10. Okay, it's very well made but pinkie and Twilight they are just images in the sprite, so isn't animated, look at the end, pinkie with his cannon she doesn't touches de cannon

  11. Can you please give us a tutorial on how to download instead of flexing on us that u got the mod

  12. No me agarra 🙁 el com.shadowmario.psychengine me dise error

  13. how i can make it into apk?

  14. Enséñame a descargarlo por favor 😭te lo ruego

  15. why don't you have apk? only have the files? go to shit

  16. Bro I have the Psych engine 0.5.2h optimized , But when the song starts it crashes , help please!!!!

  17. You Don't Need To Press Pinkie Pie Notes Just Let Her Press It Herself

  18. Bro puedo usar algunos de tus Sprites te haré un apartado especial en créditos 🙂

  19. I cant find the download and i dont the Link on the desc i mean the apk

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