Friday Night Funkin' VS Cloud FULL WEEK + Cutscenes & Ending (FNF Mod) (Notice Me Senpai - Fangirl) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Cloud FULL WEEK + Cutscenes & Ending (FNF Mod) (Notice Me Senpai – Fangirl)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Cloud – Notice Me Senpai Mod, she’s Senpai’s number one fangirl for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD, but BF & GF must stop Cloud from stealing their hating simulator game.
dibs_on_pibs – Artist/Director:
Kane_Sucks – Animator/Programmer:
heatsumi – Lead programmer:

dibs-on-pibs – The Official Creator For cloud:

VS Cloud Notice Me Senpai Mod Download:

Game Note: Rap against a senpai fangirl

Yo, I’ve been waiting for this month for like 6 months! I’ve been reloading the page every single day till this came out. It reminds me of the Sky mod, except Cloud goes after Senpai instead of Boyfriend. The Hurricane rap battle was so intense! That felt like a huge epic boss battle!

The mod I’m playing today is official and the story is Cloud is trying to steal Girlfriend’s Hating simulator game because it has Senpai who she’s madly in love with, but Boyfriend and Girlfriend don’t want to give it to her because they know how cursed it is and they’re trying to get rid of it before it hurt anyone else but Cloud won’t listen to them and she has challenged them into a rap battle if she wins she gets to keep the hating simulator game for herself. Will Boyfriend and Girlfriend lose to this 15-year-old fangirl or will BF/GF win and save her from being sucked into the game?

We just got VS Meri – That One Fangirl recently and now there’s another fangirl mod! It seems the Gacha life community already found out about Cloud, there are so many fan arts/videos about her. I knew it would happen.

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS Cloud Full Week Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Animation Preview
00:15 Intro
00:25 Title Screen
00:37 Menu
00:49 Week List
00:54 Cutscenes 1
02:01 Cloud Song
03:40 Cutscenes 2
04:40 Rain Song
06:35 Cutscenes 3
08:22 Wait, did she say she’s 15?
08:37 Silver Lining Song (Senpai vs Cloud)
11:08 Cutscenes 4
11:47 Hurricane Song | EPIC MOMENT! (Spirit vs Cloud)
15:28 Senpai Song (Senpai vs Cloud)
17:08 Rose Song (Senpai vs Cloud)
18:43 Song List
18:54 Gallery (Fangirl Arts)
19:38 All Miss Animations / Game Over Animation
20:06 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS Cloud Fangirl Mod below
VS Cloud – Notice Me Senpai FULL WEEK FANMADE (Cutscenes!) Mod Download:

dibs_on_pibs – Artist/Director:
Kane_Sucks – Animator/Programmer:
heatsumi – Lead programmer:
masegovia – Programmer:
NBLYTmusic – made music:
Dee_Dae – Composer:

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k HD (2021)
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  1. Senpai already have GF so… What are cloud doing?

  2. [sky and selever] love selever / love sky says:

    Sky: cloud. Like me TwT

  3. Gotta love how she says "Senpai's left eye is green" while both his eyes are actually blue…

  4. So…
    The story about cloud that she loves senpai??

  5. HEY WERE IS HEART ATACK ?!?!?!?!?!?!? 🙁

  6. I ENTER ON VIDEO why just for heart atack and dont have!!!!! :((((

  7. I think sky is the Sister of cloud besarse they had difirent colors

  8. With the amount of times lightning struck in the same area, I think BF should grab a lottery ticket… Or 100.

  9. I didn't get an invitation to Cloud's birthday…

  10. I’ll probably get hated for even comparing these, but this gives me a vs sky type of vibe for the first song

  11. Sky and Cloud are so cute, I want to hug them and protect them!! 💙💖💙💖💙💖💙💖

  12. ahi es mi fan número uno esa chica quiero ser como yo

  13. Now there are two Clouds I know.
    -This Cloud
    Cloud "Like I give a s**t" Strife

  14. Senpai: Wait, did she say she's 15?
    Amor: 15 years old?

  15. The Start Was Great
    The Part Was Sad When Nobody Came To Her Birthday And How Her Sprites Show How It Is

  16. angie? (i have not heard that name in years) says:

    Imagine if ppl shipped cloud and senpai-

    how gross would that be-

  17. Apparently cloud sold her dad's car i think

  18. I love when senpai is cheering cloud up! They so cute each other but, I love cloud her hair and her outfit but it's ok cloud you can get another senpai game

  19. I got to say cloud is More adorable than sky

  20. Bf went from afraid of thunder to dodging lightning.

  21. What If:

    They Were Married…………Monika Is Sad



    ayo hurricane kinda sounding like megalovania

  24. Cloud in 8-bit turned into BF when losing the game.


  25. This takes fangirling to a whole other level

    Omg guys it’s totally not called rap battle it’s called song battle is make so much sense.

  27. She reminds me of alex from inquisitormaster.. lol

  28. Never expected bf to explain the whole story about nfts-

  29. The fan girls: WE WANT OUR MEN RIGHT NOW

  30. Bf fg: sky
    Sp fg: cloud
    who fan girl named sky stuff would be next

  31. "Why won't you notice me sendai brawl stars" its so cool

  32. spirit: RAWR
    cloud: e
    spirit: sicko mode activated
    Edit: 13:42

  33. What is this, amateur hour?
    In Rain, lightning is striking feet away from Girlfriend, right next to Boyfriend, and yet she doesn't startle.
    In Week 2 of the base game, however, we can clearly see GF startle whenever lightning flashes and thunder rolls in the window.


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