Friday Night Funkin' VS Cartoon Cat 1.5 FULL WEEK + Cutscenes (FNF Mod/HARD) (Old Cartoon Style) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Cartoon Cat 1.5 FULL WEEK + Cutscenes (FNF Mod/HARD) (Old Cartoon Style)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Cartoon Cat (FULL WEEK 1.5 RELEASE) for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD, but this time we battle a black and white cat who looks like Felix the Cat complete week.
Keneth YT – Director: (Check the April Fools Trailer)

Skip to the 3rd song if you have already seen the first 2.

After 5 long months, the Cartoon Cat mod is finally here with a full week update, and this time we get to battle cartoon cat phase 3 and Long Horse w/ 2 extra bonus songs. His 2nd song will still crash your game if you touch his death note so I guess that was intentional. He also crashes you if you try to cheat. Girlfriend and Boyfriend have a new skin. GF and BF both look so good with their classic style.

This isn’t the end of Cartoon Cat because at the end of the mod it says it will be back with a full version. I’ll be playing this on very hard mode for all VS Cartoon Cat songs. He has 5 songs available in this mod, epic animated cutscenes, & 1 week.

Keneth YT – Director of the Cartoon Cat Mod:

Cartoon Cat Mod Download:

Cartoon Cat is a hostile cryptid and an urban legend created by Canadian horror artist, Trevor Henderson. He originated from a Twitter post on August 4, 2018.

Game Note: Monster has returned to do what he should’ve done a long time ago and has taken GF and BF to an abandoned mall, but he doesn’t know who and what is the being that lives in that place… Can GF and BF get out of this situation?

This mod includes:
Brand new week and Extra Songs!
New Cryptids

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS Cartoon Cat Full Week Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Cartoon Cat Animation Preview
00:27 Cartoon Cat Intro
00:37 Title Screen
00:48 Cartoon Cat Menu
00:58 Week 1 | Song List
01:11 Animated Cutscenes 1
01:55 Trapped Mouse Song (Cartoon Cat Vs BF)
04:29 Animated Cutscenes 2
06:19 Reruns Song (Cartoon Cat Vs BF)
07:34 Jumpscare + Shapeshift
07:45 Dog Joins
08:41 GF in danger
08:45 Animated Cutscenes 3
09:08 Equinophobia Song (Long Horse Vs BF)
11:03 Cat Joins
11:43 Ending
14:00 Extra
14:07 Animated Cutscenes 4
14:19 Toon Swing Song (Classic Battle)
17:22 Monochrome Song (Vs Dead Horse)
19:51 Game Over Animations
21:16 No Cheating
21:35 Outro – CommunityGame

This Cat skin style looks similar to Bendy, Chira, Mickey Mouse

Mod Creators for VS Cartoon Cat below
VS Cartoon Cat FULL WEEK (Cutscenes!) Mod Download link:

Trevor Henderson – Made Cartoon Cat:

KenethYT – Director, Artist, Animator:

AshyTown – Artist, Voice Actor, Playtester/Siren Head VA:

Vb – Artist:

ThatOne_Kid – Artist:

TheKiroGamer – Pixel Artist:

Wolf The Knight – Artist:

Kevenkaioo – Icon Artist:

TheodorePOG – Icon Artist:

Numberless – Artist:

PorscheACR – Animator:

Egg Overlord – Artist:

mystic – :

Astr0verload – Coder:

ubacio – Coder:

Jloor – Coder:

Manux12 – Coder:

Yirius125 – Coder:

lunarcleint – Coder:

Sector03 – Coder:

Widen2wo – Coder:

Mushi – Coder:

Darne – Musician:

FRANDERMAN123 – Musician:

YT_GDDeiontreMore – Musician:

sirj455 – Charter:

Benkamy – Charter:

Ovron – Siren Head VA:

BoBBy – Siren Head VA:

Silly Content (Art) – Loading Screen:

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

FNF: The Full Ass Game:

FNF – WEEK 7 All Tankman Death Quotes:

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Indie Cross V1 Cuphead Sans Bendy:

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k HD (2021)
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  1. equinophobia reminds me a game theme…. roblox scp 3008 yeah

  2. The longer it goes the more the teeth don't feel out of place like it looses its effect.


  4. to me the first song Sound like run away from o3

  5. How it's cartoon cat the Félix cat of cartoon cartoon cat it's = to Félix cat

  6. This is a good mod ngl I rate it 9/10 😎👌

  7. Cartoon cat look like huggie Wuggy to me and this

  8. 😺😺😺😺😺😺🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  9. The song of monchrome Sonud the same to sussus moogus

  10. when i first heard cartoon cat's canon self i just got reminded of baldi

  11. I didn't actually want to watch this I know how scary cartoon cat is but for the sake of my *determination* I watched this

  12. Long horse can warn us for disasters and can teleport

  13. “Trevor hendorson?that guys is a wimmy!”that’s me when I play with girls

  14. In reruns cartoon cat looks angreyer and it reminds me of trapped mouse and I love the part of like he turns into bf

  15. Has anyone noticed that Cartoon cat hasn't a tail?!

  16. Eu gostei da música do Eu gostei da música Só que o cartoon quer um capeta

  17. Community game should make a site that is just got mods

  18. Long horse its kind, very friendly horse for me 🙂

  19. Sorry for the big delay. We actually finished back on february but we got stuck with bugs, so the mod is currently getting ported to psych for the full version!

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