Friday Night Funkin’ v.s. Whitty ~ ( Mod ) | All songs | -

Friday Night Funkin’ v.s. Whitty ~ ( Mod ) | All songs |

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~ Time-chapters ~

Lo-Fight – 0:00

Overhead – 1:53

Ballistic – 4:00


  1. I actually thought he wasn’t a mod and an official character

  2. 3 I'm at the wedding musics are my favorite

  3. Yeah I did the 2 first songs on hard mode easy but the last one I gave up ( how do people beat it ?)

  4. How did it go from
    Lo-fi: my cat during the day
    Ballistic: my cat at night

  5. I can't believe I saw (and knew about) this mod's lifetime from the first hours it was released until its last hours and was deleted

    EDIT 02/02/2022: Nvm, he's back!

  6. I'm sure sure people will get some nostalgia from these songs a few years in the future…

  7. Too bad the mod got deleted. 😭
    We'll miss you Whitty!
    2021-Somewhat 6 or some months.

  8. por favor grava um video de witty o lo-fightpor favor?!

  9. At some point you can hear him say

    “I’m a zucchini don’t eat me”

  10. 104 45 4 its my Minecraft portal coordinate

  11. Ballistic made my fingers look like grape popsicles

  12. Coming back to these songs feels somewhat nostalgic to me, I like that

  13. Overhead is the middle child that deserves more attention

  14. The first one is giving Khalid or something 😭

  15. Man… I really like these songs!

    Especially ballistic, it’s so fast paced, I wonder if remixing this song will only make it even harder to bet?… 🤨🧐🤔👀

  16. 0:04 When Shrek finds out that he lost his onions.
    1:58 When Shrek finds the person who stole his onions.
    4:00 When Shrek finds out that the person who stole his onions ate them.

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