Friday Night Funkin' - V.S. Garcello FULL WEEK - Smoke 'Em Out Struggle [FNF Mods] -

Friday Night Funkin’ – V.S. Garcello FULL WEEK – Smoke ‘Em Out Struggle [FNF Mods]

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Submitter: atsuover

Voice samples, Coding: Rageminer


  1. Fun fact:if garcello gif not die they would be jaming for ever and not stop until some come LOL ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

  2. I saw this mod when it came out and im like this mod is just gonna be anot- WHYYYYY DID HEEEE DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  3. Gracias por pober esa cansion y ise un video de youtube mi nombre es tik Thiago

  4. Garcello is Many things. A man. A great guy. A God. But one thing he wasn't… he wasn't aware of the effects of smoking. Rest in peace this absolut legend


  6. So glad the dialogue has been shorten.
    I remember the insane dialogue from the demo XD

  7. I just love that Garcello is smiling on the last song.

    Garcello died being a chill man R.I.P 💀

  8. Durante la segunda canción hay momentos en los que parece que garcello dice algo

  9. I love fnf I want you to do some more mods

  10. Anybody else realized the smoke coming from garcellos mouth changes colors when different notes hit the key

  11. I say man you don't miss a note.Say why trying FNF on mobile eh? Bet you like that right man?

  12. You should all thanks to Daddy dearest! Hes the one that make someon worse!

  13. People who says gg after loosing: epic tierGarecello: sorry for dyingLegendary tier

  14. R.I.P Garcello Last Words:Tight Bars Lil Man.

    Edit:Here is the tight bars lil man:
    Also wait while clicking the thing

  15. the saddest thing is that the chart is too easy lmao

  16. I’m crying cuz garcello died 🙁 I wish garcello did not die I wish god took good care of garcello we pray for garcello 🙏🏻

  17. After watching this whole mod my eyes have moved to tears, this is by far the most peaceful but sad mod ever and this makes me wonder what garcello meant by what the gf's father was gonna do to him also thinking bout that makes me think is he another victim of bad misfortune just like tavi, overall thought this mod was beautiful and one I'll love for days to come as for garcello rest in peace man you may have had it rough but at least in the end you had a friend to help you pass on peacefully with a smile on your face

  18. that last song was the saddest song I have ever heard

  19. Every like pays respect to the legendary Garcello

    R.I.P, Garcello, you were a kind soul. 😔♥️

  20. gente disculpen pero no se han dado cuenta que bf tiene unas cejas muy muy grandes


  22. R.I.P Garcello🚬🚬💚💚💀💀👻👻

  23. 5:38 когда посмотрел на кошачье говно

  24. The rain outside started getting louder when garcello died

  25. I actually noticed a little detail,on the Ghost Garcello Sprite,you can see that his ghost tail thing actually points to his still burning cigarette,which also explains his smoky form like the smoke he exhaled when he hit a note,and in Fading,its almost entirely burnt up.

  26. If he was my step dad I will cry to death

  27. hamdan saputra(๑╹◡╹๑)ノ♬ says:

    …… sad……and so cool……

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