Friday Night Funkin' - Ugh Acapella -

Friday Night Funkin’ – Ugh Acapella

Smooth McGroove
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An original UGHcapella arrangement of Ugh from FNF – Friday Night Funkin’ A Cappella

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I’ve never done a song with so much BASS!!! Pretty fun to do weird songs like this, or “weird for A Cappella” I mean. In the end, the curiosity of what it would sound like in all-voices keeps me doing these 🙂 My new kitty Angel stars in this one. This song had some big challenges, like so much bass to record and also some crazy double-bass drum overdubbing I had to do…and claps! The stuttering digital U-UGH that Tankman does, well, I decided to leave that out because it didn’t sound good unless I chopped it up digitally like in the original. Shoutout to @Kawai Sprite for writing weird & good music and @Flippy for the perfect gameplay

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  1. The only one who can make cosplay audio

  2. Vs. Smooth McGroove mod. We need this now.

  3. impossible that only I think that this " ugh " is very similar to the mod '-;+_'

  4. Kkkkkkkkk k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k puta mierda bixo

  5. Man who the heck you callin broke bruh that's why you dead built like a 0:00

  6. きなこもり¥ナナチをすこれ says:


  7. do hug me fnf mod NOW its a fan game

  8. Smooth McGroove is just BF after he's grown up. Change my mind.

  9. Aún recuerdo cuando hacías estos vídeos con el juego de undertale🤧

  10. Я не обсиратель я Галя says:


  11. It’s just “ba” and “uh”

  12. No sabía que lo necesitaba, hasta que lo encontre

  13. Honestly, I've yet to hear that beautiful voice to do the vs. Garcello track.
    Even though there's already like six FNF vids, hearing release or nerves would be a treat.
    Truly, the "Ugh" Track from Tankman is absolutely beautiful.
    Actually Scratch that, All of these even the ones from years ago, are still great vocal talent.

    (Also hard to believe that the Lion's Pride Inn one is two years old now.)


  14. Забавно дамблдор акапелит под фнф

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